i ♥ faces- Surprise!

So I know this is not the best quality of a photo but it fits the theme of SURPRISE! all too well:

What’s in that bag and why such a look of shock? Well, it is our first positive pregnancy test, and Thomas had no clue that it was coming his way, as part of his birthday celebration. It was perfect timing and such an awesome moment, being that I knew what was in the bag and I was ready with camera in hand. There was a second photo right after this one that was full of glee but I had to choose just one, so I went with this one. I mean, just think of the surprise of first opening a silly DVD and then the next package tells you that you are going to be a daddy…….Surprise!

Be sure to see how other folks have captured a surprising moment:

**edit to add–this was taken 4 years ago this past March when we discovered we were pregnant with out first child. I am NOT pregnant now :O)


11 thoughts on “i ♥ faces- Surprise!

  1. This is a phenomenal picture!!! When I saw the theme of this week, I immediately wished I had a picture of my husband’s face when we found out we were having twins. SURPRISE! Times two!! ;)

  2. What a fun memory! I’m so glad you captured it so perfectly. And you were cracking me up about opening the DVD first. :o)

  3. How awesome! I love the look on his face!! This one should go in the baby book on the page with “What was daddy’s response?” =0) Great photo!

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