*Just Like Popcorn*

Recently I went to a going away party for a college friend that was moving across country. Part of the celebration was attending a comedy show. The guest comedian the weekend I was there was Frankie Paul. There were three others that night, but he was the headliner that received the most time, and he was by far the funniest comic. One of his most humorous routines was on children.

Frankie claimed that kids are like popcorn, in that as long as you can hear them, all is well in the world. The moment they stop making noises, just like kernels popping in the microwave, you know you are in trouble and about to get burned. He then began a reenactment, in which he was 3 characters: parent, child 1 and child 2. Imagine him physically modeling the parent, slouched back clicking an imaginary remote control. In two different tones, he is having a child 1 and child two conversation, all with no pause between comments (I do not remember the exact words, this is just all along the same line of thought as his set): “Let’s play blocks; blocks are fun; ohhh look, dinosaurs; give me a hug; you haveĀ  a booger; wow, that’s tall; that’s mine!; no mine!; mine!; mine!; i love you; your feet stink”…………(silence)…………–he now switches to parent voice– “You kids better start making some noise!!”–back to kids– “My eye! My eye! You poked my eye! I’m bleeding. Ouuuuuccchhh!!!!”

Being that I was the only one from our little crew with kids, they were all looking to me for affirmation, and even though I did not say anything, I was laughing so hard, I think they got the point. Now, that was funny in and of itself, but it was compounded by what had happened to me just the day before.

See, I was letting Daniel and Wesley play in Daniel’s room without me present. This is a special treat because I close the door, being that I do not want Wesley to try and come down the stairs. They were playing so well, and I was patting myself on the back, marveling at how much I was actually getting accomplished while my two kiddos played like loving little brothers. I heard the laughs and then some silence, at which point I should have known much better. I gave them a few more moments. Turns out, they are just like popcorn, for the silence meant a stink was about to come. They had officially taken every single toy, book, and stuffed animal Daniel had in his room and put them all over, in every corner and spot.

just. like. popcorn.


3 thoughts on “*Just Like Popcorn*

  1. I love how they took all the bedsheets off the bed too. Looks like you got off pretty easy this time though! I know I’ve checked on mine after a period of silence only to find children (and other things) covered in marker, children knee deep in the contents of my jewelry box, and children washing their pants in the bathroom sink (as well as the walls, floor, etc.), just to name a few. Anyone else? Horror stories to share?

    • Oh Liz, those things have happened, just not this time. I would never intentionally close them in a room with markers or near my jewelry box. I thought I was safe this time. It was just my boys and toys. How can that go wrong? Well, I found that one out :O)

  2. You can say that again!!! I am ready for a girl vacation no boys or babies to clean up behind. Just a chair and a beach for me!

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