The Last (Ice Cream) Supper

Our family traveled to meet up with Thomas’s side of the family in order to celebrate my birthday (and my bro-in-law’s too). After singing, as we ate cake and ice cream, Daniel looks up on Thomas’s Grandma’s wall and sees the following image:

Daniel proudly proclaims, “Look! It’s Jesus! He is eating cake and ice cream too!” After we recovered from a quick chuckle, we then began to fill in some comments from the disciples.

“What?!?! No chocolate?”

“You want me to eat that?”

“You forgot forks!”

“Can you believe how much he has eaten??!?!?”

Yeah, perhaps not the most religious thing I have done, but it was memorable.


3 thoughts on “The Last (Ice Cream) Supper

  1. Funny! Don’t you just love the things kids come up with…and where those innocent comments can lead your mind? :)

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