5 Randoms

Just thought I would share some thoughts. No theme, just random thoughts…….

1-My major love language is quality time. It is sometimes a hard one to  fill when you have 2 kids and your husband works and most of your other friends have jobs or live far away. I use blogs as my means to meet this need– on some level. Even though I can not go and sit down to a cup of coffee with you, I can read your blog and sorta chat. By doing that while my kids are napping at my own leisure, I get a glimpse into you through daily encounters or huge epiphanies. I now know about your day. That makes me happy.

2-I eat a spinach salad typically several times a week. I like them, and I struggle with low iron, so eating one is a good way to help boost that deficiency. I’ll put cheese and carrots on it and every now and then boil an egg. Generally there is a leftover chicken breast from a previous night’s dinner to put on it. Sometimes there will be a tiny amount of  dressing but I’ll admit my husband is wearing off on me and I tend not to use dressing anymore. The flavors are greater this way and it is even healthier. I tend to run through my spinach regularly. Somehow I managed not to use it all as quickly and it was “big salad night” at the V family home. Thomas had his romaine salad and I had my spinach one. I was geared up for a lovely dinner. I took a bite and things seemed not so right. I took another, to double check. I took a third because I am an idiot. I almost hurled. It was bad folks. I threw the whole thing out and ended up skipping dinner that night because I was so disgusted. Now, I can not look at my spinach the same way.  It has been several weeks with no desire for spinach salads; hope I grow out of it soon.

3-I am so excited about wearing my summer dresses. They were all missed last year, for I was either still pregnant, just finished being pregnant, or needing frequent access to my milk makers, thus meaning I never really wore any. Even though I am still nursing, the feedings are much less frequent and I can wear all my sun dresses, which is my attire of choice on a hot day.

4-I think I am the only person who goes into TJ Maxx and comes out with a bag full of groceries. As odd as it sounds, they have a nice supply of healthier non-perishable food at a super price (over 50% off what I might pay elsewhere). Sea salt, agave nectar, real honey, 100%  maple syrup, olive oil,  and things of the like. The items are of reputable brands too. Being that TJ Maxx is about 40 minutes closer than our closest, nicest health food store, it serves me well.

5-While on the way to the library the other day, Daniel kept saying, “Where’s the ghost house??” I had no clue what he was referring to at the time. Finally, he shouted, “There it is! It is haunted!” (which is from a Berenstain Bears book we had recently checked out). Upon seeing it, I can agree that his observation was correct. I decided to take a picture of the house. Add in a little sepia and blurred edges and you can almost see the ghostsAre you scared??? :O)


8 thoughts on “5 Randoms

  1. Your “Haunted House” was built by a former co-worker of mine!! She and her husband built it themselves (he was a contractor) It has a ballroom. (why I don’t know) That’s hilarious!!

  2. I like the salad thing. I’ve been buying the big organic boxes that are about to expire from Kroger. They have the huge “manager sale’ sticker on it that’s priced at $1.49. Since it’s not been open, it’s still good and I eat it within 3 days before it get’s bad. I like to put tuna on mine. Sometimes with baby carrots or parmesan cheese… but I’ll have to try it with egg!

  3. @ Jodi: That is the same way I buy mine! I like the little bins they are in too. I think that the bin helps it last longer than the bag. Being it is already manager’s special, it is certainly going to spoil faster than normal, so that is part of my problem.

    @ Ashley: Do they live in the house now? Daniel is so in awe of it. He gets so happy every time we pass it. Such a small world we live in here, right? :O)

  4. Sum – I love you and I love reading your blog! I need to be better about blogging so that when I move everyone can keep up with what is going on with us. I will try to do better with blogging so that you can have your Quality Time Bucket filled! Love you! Bra

  5. I’m going to agree and say I love reading your blog. I was just telling Megan Taylor that you are a wonderful writer and I can only hope that my writing becomes as fluid as yours. I love blogging too because it makes me feel connected to others. Also, when I’m down, it makes me feel like someone else cares about my issues when they read what I’m dealing with. So thanks for sharing some of your inner most thoughts. I will continue to as well.

  6. That is a creepy looking house!! I agree with Daniel! And, I agree with you on several other things…1. I love reading your and my other freinds blogs. Being a military family we are constantly leaving dear friends behind and our blogs are a great way to stay connected! 2. Spinach salads rock!! It’s pretty much the only kind of salad I eat…also great with chicken, pecans and thinly sliced strawberries or chicken, sliced almonds and mandarin oranges (if you can find them fresh, if not clementines are the way to go). And, 3. I love the Maxx! They do have great gourmet goodies, don’t they? Can’t wait to be near one again! Finally, where do you find your dresses? I’ve been dying to find a few great sun dresses, ordered probably a dozen online and returned them all! Of course, I’m still nursing every two hours, but I could still wear one to run to the commissary every now and then. :)

  7. I love the house! I always dreamed of living in a house like that! Sigh! – I’m a Word of Affirmation Love Language, but I have a housefull of all the love languages – quality, giver, physical touch, server – sometimes it keeps my head spinning! WoA LL makes blogging the perfect venue for me, too! I personally want to get into my cute summer skirts from 3 summers ago. Sigh! I need to eat more spinach!

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