Because You’re Mine

It was nap time, but you assured me you were not sleepy.

I coerced you to bed with the promise of reading a good book, one of your choice.

Before the final page was read, your eyes were nearly shut. You quickly turned over on your side.

Gazing at the side of your face and the back of your head, my heart was full of joy. Your paternal cowlick, your gorgeous eye lashes, even that small freckle on your cheek, right near the corner of your mouth, that always fools me into thinking it is a leftover from lunch….they all make me smile.

Suddenly, you flip over; I quickly close my eyes, so as to play the “See, I am sleeping too” game.

Gently, your small hand wraps around my neck, rubbing the base of my hairline with care. With a whisper you say “Momma…” Opening my eyes, we lock gaze. “I love you.” So simple, so genuine, so raw. “I love you too, Daniel.”

Your eye lids, heavy with sleep, close shut. Now I can continue my admiring.

You are perfect, from the double crown on your head, to your cute toothless grin, and to your distinctive big toe. You are perfect because you are His. You are perfect because you are mine.


4 thoughts on “Because You’re Mine

  1. I don’t normally share anything of this nature…..enjoy! —but certainly don’t get use to it :O)

  2. I am so happy for you that Daniel is a good sleeper :)
    That is so sweet. such a sweet naptime :)
    I am so jealous.

    I read a book to the kids today at naptime like normal. We lay down after reading and Tyler was snuggly and sleepy and fell asleep on my chest…. Lila on the other hand proceeded to mess around and try my patience and act crazy so I told her to get in the crib and lay down. She did but she continued to act crazy then started kicking the bed and being loud. I lay tyler down gently, got up to go to the bathroom and told her ‘You be good and you be quiet till mommy gets back. We will read one more book.’ she says “Ok”

    As i’m walking back into the room i watch her sling a pillow at her brother, waking him up :(

    so she had to lay down for another hour after he got to get up. :/ and now she can’t swim today :(

  3. You brought tears to my eyes, Summer. Aren’t children a precious gift. I love to admire them, especially when they’re sleeping! Thanks for reminding me (and everyone else who reads) that my kids are ‘perfect’ too.

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