A New Ban

Where I live, you can not text and drive. Well, I should clarify: you can do it but it is against the law. Where my brother lives, you can not drive and use your hands to talk on the phone, for it is against the law. A hands-free conversation is a must. Where my husband works, once you pass the security gates, you can not talk on the phone, period. It is against the law. I can see the relevance in banning these activities, for cars have the potential to be dangerous vehicles, and the last thing we want to do is complicate the situation by adding a cell phone to the mix. Just recently, however, I have begun to think we are “barking up the wrong tree,” if you will, with these cell phone and texting bans.

How did I reach this conclusion? Well, I’m glad you asked……………

We’re in the car, my kiddos and me. It is a retched hot day. The air is on high and it is hard to hear above its blast. Wesley decides that it is time to get fussy, and in classic form, takes his paci out of his mouth and throws it. The high pitched “Tink!” of its toss is followed by wails and kicks.

Daniel then finds this to be the appropriate time to beg me for a book to read. I reach behind the passenger side seat and hand him one of the conveniently and strategically located books, at which point he informs me that he wants “the castle book.” I then have to tell him a phrase that if I have said once, I have said a thousand times: “Sorry Daniel, Mommy can’t see the books right now, she is driving. You will just have to take this one.”

Wesley continues the weeping and gnashing of teeth, so I grab a sippy cup from the front passenger seat and reach it back to him. This suits him well….for now.

“Momma…take a look at this!” says Daniel. “Momma…..Momma….Momma, look, Momma.” I respond to my son with a quick, “Yeah Daniel, that is great!”at which point he truthfully retorts, “But you did not even look, Momma!” And, if I have said once, I have said a thousand times: “Sorry Daniel, Mommy can’t look at that right now, she is driving. You will just have to wait to show me.”

“Tink” “Waaahhhhh!!!” Wesley has tossed the cup. I have no back-up and neither the paci or the cup are within reach.

“Momma! I need another book; I need the castle book this time, pllllleeeeeaaaseeeeeeeee!!”

Thank the good Lord, we’ve come to a red light. I can now lean back and find the stinkin’ castle book. Success.

I then take a right turn, amidst Wesley’s cries, only to be greeted with Daniel scolding me: “Momma! You can’t go now. It is red. You can’t go on red Momma. You need the green. Momma this is  bad.”

As I begin to attempt to explain, over the tears of his little brother, to my three year old the law of “right turn on red, after stop, if clear,” it dawns on me. We do not need to ban cell phones from the car because they distract the driver, we need to ban kids.


The Last (Ice Cream) Supper

Our family traveled to meet up with Thomas’s side of the family in order to celebrate my birthday (and my bro-in-law’s too). After singing, as we ate cake and ice cream, Daniel looks up on Thomas’s Grandma’s wall and sees the following image:

Daniel proudly proclaims, “Look! It’s Jesus! He is eating cake and ice cream too!” After we recovered from a quick chuckle, we then began to fill in some comments from the disciples.

“What?!?! No chocolate?”

“You want me to eat that?”

“You forgot forks!”

“Can you believe how much he has eaten??!?!?”

Yeah, perhaps not the most religious thing I have done, but it was memorable.

5 Randoms

Just thought I would share some thoughts. No theme, just random thoughts…….

1-My major love language is quality time. It is sometimes a hard one to  fill when you have 2 kids and your husband works and most of your other friends have jobs or live far away. I use blogs as my means to meet this need– on some level. Even though I can not go and sit down to a cup of coffee with you, I can read your blog and sorta chat. By doing that while my kids are napping at my own leisure, I get a glimpse into you through daily encounters or huge epiphanies. I now know about your day. That makes me happy.

2-I eat a spinach salad typically several times a week. I like them, and I struggle with low iron, so eating one is a good way to help boost that deficiency. I’ll put cheese and carrots on it and every now and then boil an egg. Generally there is a leftover chicken breast from a previous night’s dinner to put on it. Sometimes there will be a tiny amount of  dressing but I’ll admit my husband is wearing off on me and I tend not to use dressing anymore. The flavors are greater this way and it is even healthier. I tend to run through my spinach regularly. Somehow I managed not to use it all as quickly and it was “big salad night” at the V family home. Thomas had his romaine salad and I had my spinach one. I was geared up for a lovely dinner. I took a bite and things seemed not so right. I took another, to double check. I took a third because I am an idiot. I almost hurled. It was bad folks. I threw the whole thing out and ended up skipping dinner that night because I was so disgusted. Now, I can not look at my spinach the same way.  It has been several weeks with no desire for spinach salads; hope I grow out of it soon.

3-I am so excited about wearing my summer dresses. They were all missed last year, for I was either still pregnant, just finished being pregnant, or needing frequent access to my milk makers, thus meaning I never really wore any. Even though I am still nursing, the feedings are much less frequent and I can wear all my sun dresses, which is my attire of choice on a hot day.

4-I think I am the only person who goes into TJ Maxx and comes out with a bag full of groceries. As odd as it sounds, they have a nice supply of healthier non-perishable food at a super price (over 50% off what I might pay elsewhere). Sea salt, agave nectar, real honey, 100%  maple syrup, olive oil,  and things of the like. The items are of reputable brands too. Being that TJ Maxx is about 40 minutes closer than our closest, nicest health food store, it serves me well.

5-While on the way to the library the other day, Daniel kept saying, “Where’s the ghost house??” I had no clue what he was referring to at the time. Finally, he shouted, “There it is! It is haunted!” (which is from a Berenstain Bears book we had recently checked out). Upon seeing it, I can agree that his observation was correct. I decided to take a picture of the house. Add in a little sepia and blurred edges and you can almost see the ghostsAre you scared??? :O)

Because You’re Mine

It was nap time, but you assured me you were not sleepy.

I coerced you to bed with the promise of reading a good book, one of your choice.

Before the final page was read, your eyes were nearly shut. You quickly turned over on your side.

Gazing at the side of your face and the back of your head, my heart was full of joy. Your paternal cowlick, your gorgeous eye lashes, even that small freckle on your cheek, right near the corner of your mouth, that always fools me into thinking it is a leftover from lunch….they all make me smile.

Suddenly, you flip over; I quickly close my eyes, so as to play the “See, I am sleeping too” game.

Gently, your small hand wraps around my neck, rubbing the base of my hairline with care. With a whisper you say “Momma…” Opening my eyes, we lock gaze. “I love you.” So simple, so genuine, so raw. “I love you too, Daniel.”

Your eye lids, heavy with sleep, close shut. Now I can continue my admiring.

You are perfect, from the double crown on your head, to your cute toothless grin, and to your distinctive big toe. You are perfect because you are His. You are perfect because you are mine.