You Just Can’t Make This Up

So, I’ve told you before about the stuff I have found on my road when running. If you are just tuning in, click here to see the items to which I am referring. If you are a frequent customer, you should recall it already but by all means take another look; it makes for a nice laugh.

Being that was February, you can imagine that more intriguing things have been found since. I’ll share a few of interest….

As spring began to set in, I was out running when I found an article of clothing in the middle of the road. I ran towards it, scooped it up quickly, and continued on my route. I held it out in front of me as I ran so I could examine it. Turns out it was a nice, long sleeve, female biking shirt. Initially everything looked to be in good shape and then I noticed a big rip that began at the neck line and continued down past the shoulders on each side. I wondered why the shirt had those rips and then it dawned on me. The biker took off that morning with the long sleeve shirt being worn. As the ride and day progressed, the weather warmed up a little too much for her tastes, I am assuming, so the shirt had to go. Rather than waste some valuable time getting off the bike, perhaps unclipping her shoes, slowing down her crew, taking off her helmet, and then finally taking off the shirt, it appeared she opted to just rip the shirt enough so that the article could be lifted off while she still biked and wore her helmet, speeding off in just a sport’s bra? After a few stride of inspection, I tossed it to the side of the road so that I could finish my run unencumbered. Generally I would have picked it up and carried it home on the way back so I could throw it away but I just forgot about it. Fast forward to the next day. As I traveled the same path again, I happened to glance out at a garden that grows along that running path on my road. I began to laugh out loud, while running, as I spied the following image: A scarecrow dons the biking shirt! Too funny. I am just glad that someone put it to use, even with the big tears!

A few weeks after that shirt and scarecrow incident, I found some keys. Being that it was near dusk when I saw them, I picked them up so that they would not get ran over and ruined. They happened to have a dog tag on them with a pet’s name, the owner’s name, a phone number and an address. The address was a good 50 miles away from my home. The phone number was not current, for it was a business, and the worker on the line had never even heard of the person. The address did not match up with the phone # either. I did a white pages search on the address to get a phone # but those came up empty. Finally, I figured FB might help. I put in the first and last name, narrowing it down to the area in which I live and what was on the tag. One person appeared and I sent her a message, hoping she was the person. Turns out, they were her husband’s keys, who has the same name (Kelly). The dog tag was from many years ago and he had kept the tag as a reminder of his beloved pet that had passed. She was beyond thrilled I contacted her and they actually lived just a few doors down from me. The keys, however, were found a 1/2 mile from their house. Anyway, as I talked with her, she explained how the keys ended up missing, and I, in turn, told her about all the random things found on our road while running. She was laughing and enjoyed knowing that I at least keep my eyes peeled for interesting things, being that is what saved their keys.

Now, as if all those aforementioned items are not enough, I found something today that is simply ridiculous. I have no idea what goes on in the minds of people as they perhaps toss something out of a window or do not secure something down in the back of the truck. There is seriously no reason why the next thing should be found by anyone on any road, especially in June. Alas, I found them, and I have a picture to prove it…….


That’s right—-ICE SKATES. Seriously. Ice Skates.

At first I just saw one but then, about 12 feet away, there was the second. Someone must be on to my scavenger hunts and he/she is trying to provide me with topics for conversation, for this makes no sense whatsoever. Not that the butcher knife ever did, but this one even tops that. It’s ICE SKATES!

I’m dead serious about finding these on my road.

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.


10 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Make This Up

  1. How awesome you discovered someone’s keys and sentimental tags (and met neighbors in the process!). I don’t know about the ice skates—for me, it’s a toss up between the butcher knife and skates as the “winner” of the most bizarre item found on your road! What does one even say about ice skates discovered right before the 4th of July weekend??? :)

  2. Summer, You need to come run down my road. People are always using Greenwood Road as the dump. We have had tires, washer, dryer, sewing machine, tv’s, hot water heater, a dog house, and that is just the big items. We have had hunter’s skin their dead animals on our road. We have had new born puppies on our road. I could just keep on and on.

    • Angela, it sounds like Greenwood has my road beat….but not by much! There is a “dumping ground” where an old house use to be that I try not to even look at it is so gross. The dead animals from hunters are totally on our road but currently there are no live litters of puppies, which is good because I would most likely have to bring them all home with me! (and with Daniel not being a fan of dogs, this would not settle too well.) If my road gets boring, I am coming to your house! :O)

  3. Ummm…I don’t even know what to say to that! If it weren’t so darn entertaining, I’d tell you that maybe you should find a new road to run on! ;)

  4. Okay… I always check your blog when there are updates. You are attached to my feed reader (Google) and it shows me whenever your page has new info.
    Today… made the Google list!!
    Usually, the Google Reader finds random stuff from the internet to share with me, and then tells me on the side when any of the sites I follow are updated. Today, your post from yesterday, made Google’s main list of interesting things to share with me.
    Could it be just mine? Maybe. OR…..You could be Google FAMOUS!!

    • Jessica, that is too funny! WordPress does something similar with posts, called “Growing Blogs” which I have gotten noted on before. I think it is just based off the # of hits the site gets in a day/time period. This post, along with the other post of the knife, have gotten tons of hits. People just must be intrigued with what I find! That still makes me laugh though!

  5. I read a book a year or so ago called, “There’s no Place Like Here”. It’s about a woman who was curious about where things went when they got lost. She was a runner (like you) and while running one day, she found this place where things are lost, including herself. It’s pretty interesting. I have the book if you want to borrow it one day!

    • Jodi, this book sounds super to me! I would love to borrow it. “Getting Lost” in running is part of the appeal for me. It use to be winning road races and first place at all my track meets, but now that I have grown up and have kiddos, sometimes running time is the only quite time I get. Even when I take the kids in the running stroller, they tend to stay silent while we run. It is like a respected code of conduct that we have never mentioned.

  6. I know the male Kelly you are talking about. We worked together many years ago! :) Crazy the stuff you find! Love your post up above… so sweet!

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