“My Friend Daniel”

Right before we had our first son, we moved to a new town and rented a lovely little home. Just up the street was a couple that we were fortunate to eventually get to know well. They had a cute little boy that was just learning to walk. When we asked what his name was, we were surprised to know he was a Daniel too! Once our son arrived, the boys got to know one another. It was always fun to watch the slight confusion between the two when “No, Daniel” or “Daniel come here, please” was said. Neither knew exactly what to do.

Eventually we moved away and just a few months later so did they. We are now both in different states but have allowed our paths to still cross from time to time. We’ve both also added a second son into our lives which are just a month apart in age. Recently, our Daniel met their Daniel at the zoo, along with their daddies. It was a hot, fun, and manly day. When Daniel got home and woke up from his nap, he told me “Momma, I go to the zoo with my friend Daniel and had fun.” So sweet!

It still blows my mind the change between the two little friends. Seriously, how did this:

turn into this:

all too quickly?


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