Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes

How do you measure a year?
-Rent “Seasons of Love”

Ah, what a year! I know everyone says this, but it seems like just yesterday we welcomed little Wesley into the world.

He’s brought so much to our lives in just a year.

I once heard someone complain about having to go to a nephew’s birthday party and it pained me. I know that birthday parties can sometimes be a bit much, but let’s face it, making it another year—or in Wesley’s case the FIRST year— is something to celebrate. I never mind a little kid’s birthday party, especially my own children!

You might recall the pirate party for Daniel last year. It was sooo much fun. I decided for Wesley, however, to keep things a little simpler and just have immediate family over for the celebration. I did not compromise on the frugal part though; it was still a cheap celebration. It was a farm theme but I did not ask people to dress up, as I did with the pirate party.

Here are some photo highlights:
We had food on our farm, for sure! I always end up preparing too much food, but I would rather have too much than not enough. Thomas grilled hamburger and hot dogs. There was watermelon, cantaloupe, chips and dip, served in a “trough,” veggies, and sweets, such as the chocolate carrots (bought on after the holiday was over sale for 25 cents a package!) and homemade icing and cupcakes, topped with a farm animal (Target’s dollar section–I bought two bags).

Little man had his own homemade “smash cake” that was decorated with a little toy we already owned; the 1 candle was Daniel’s so that was recycled: And as I have already showed you, he enjoyed the cake thoroughly.

Opening gifts was a little overwhelming because each kiddo there, Wesley’s brother and cousins, wanted to be right there next to me trying to help. We did get them all opened though, including the one from Mommy and Daddy, a Prince Lion Heart wheelie mouse……that Mommy got for free! (This site was offering $5 store credit for legitimate reviews written about their products, so one night while the boys were sleeping, I went to town, earning this and another item)

It was truly an enjoyable event, and I am so proud of my little one, even in just five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes. Thanks for a super year, Wesley!

Here are a few more of my favorite photos from the day:


4 thoughts on “Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes

  1. Looks like a blast! Great job with the decorations! I love crying Wesley, naked Wesley and cowboy Wesley!! ;) Happy birthday little man!

    • Thanks Jordan! I remember seeing Brady’s monkey party on your blog and thought that you did a super job! I, like you, enjoy the small matching items and a cute theme!

  2. that celebration looks sooooo much fun. it is all so cute and special. i agree about birthdays for babies, what a blast to enjoy and a sadness not to celebrate!

    i love that rent song, btw!

  3. Time does fly! Wesley is adorable and your party looks like it was fun. I sure hope Violette is more into her cake than Stephan was. The little mouse is cute.

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