On A Fast Track?

It seems like everyday I hear or read about something that is going to kill me and my family. Cell phones, contact lenses, pasta, Trans Fat, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Tylenol, Floride, Tap Water, Oil, Cars, Running too far,  The Sun, The lack of Sun, Paint, Strawberries, Peanut Butter, Microwaves, High Heels, Cleaning Products, the absence of clean. The so healthy for you fish that we eat at least once a week? Bad for me. The list can go on and on and on and on and on……Plus, just recently there was a little blog debate on a friend’s blog that I joined in on (and in some ways fueled) about these sort of issues that has really gotten me thinking. And the more I think about it, it is the list that is killing me. (please note that the linked articles may not be the best representation of research, for many of the informative pieces I read are in peer-reviewed journals that I have access to thanks to my teaching at an on-line college. I can not, however, share those links with you being that you are not an attendee of the college, an instructor, nor a paying subscriber of the data base–you simply would not be able to view them. In light of that, I have pulled a few links just for a fun sampling. The other ideas not linked are still items of consumption that I have read or heard having hazards, despite the absence of a link to an outside source.)

We eat pretty well at our home. I know it could be better, but so can virtually every house hold. I will confess to some foods of comfort and ease, especially for Daniel’s lunch. But today, via an article from a FB friend, I now have found out that even my eggs are going to harm me. Ugh!

See my fridge photo above? See the two cartons of ” ‘Naturally Grown’ Cage Free Grade A White Eggs” ? They are yet another ticket to death. I’m obviously on a fast track there ya’ll.

Trust me when I say we are not ones that run to medication, but every once in a while, your kid smashes his face on a wrought iron railing and comes out of it three teeth short, so it is helpful to have some medicine to assuage some of his cries of pain. I like to have it on hand just in case…..But medicine will kill you, right? And so will the lack there of.

Somehow though, amidst all this deadly material, people have begun to live longer. Now “quality of life” can be debated, for one man’s quality may not be quality to another, but we’re still here longer than before. A higher life expectancy is ours.

Thomas’s beloved Paw-Paw would have been 99 this year, had he not passed away in February. I think this man had it all figured out. I never really saw him turn down any type of food. He never seemed to stress about what he was eating or not eating. He did not have the Internet to do research with in order to discover more, but he was a knowledge seeker each and every day of his life. I saw him drink coke and eat cake and ice cream at birthday parties. He even put dressing on his salad, yet, in spite of all these things, he lived to be 98, and he had QUALITY of life, right up until the very end. He was thin, strong, and sharp in mind until just the last few weeks of existence.

What did he do? He ALWAYS applied the idea of moderation. He exercised daily, doing just the right distance of walking at just the right pace. He took vitamin C. He loved the Lord and sought His will each and every morning.

Sadly, I know people that have done just these very things and died in their 30s. I know children that have not even had the opportunity to consume anything wrong and hazardous die of cancer. Although not in picture perfect health, my father was still in decent shape, yet he died suddenly at 35.

Random. What gives?

And even though I know things about health and seek a healthy lifestyle (just ask my husband about how I will get on to him –I’ll confess, NAG him–about things), I am beginning to lose heart, my friends.

Even the eggs above are bad for me…..and I am sure that Peanut Butter is too, even though it is organic and tastes yummy. I bet the crunchy nuts inside were somehow tainted. And let’s not even discuss how if you have a severe allergy to PB, you might just break out in hives looking at this photo.

Those apples? Stuck in some truck next to other apples covered with bad pesticides, most likely.

The blueberries? Death trap, I am sure. Not USDA certified organic, so they will kill me.

What’s a girl and her family to do?  Duck, and cover? (make sure you say that in the Cold World jingle voice that I intend)

Duck, and cover. Perhaps…….but then there becomes this whole new battle, which the aforementioned blog comment/post and a current client of the hubby has me considering: obsession towards a healthy goal that leads to lack of well being.

Although Thomas’s client has a good goal in mind: to avoid hazardous materials and the spread of germs, he has begun, at a very young age, to live a life consumed with fear over those very germs he has been told time and time again to avoid. “Wash your hands; it is flu season.” “Do not touch the toilet seat; it is dirty.” He’s scared literally stiff at times, unable to move and function at a daily task. Consumed with the idea of spreading sickness to a point of irritated skin and no friends.

And I am not judging, for I have my own fears, based in “evidence,” that also cause me to consider my approach to my life…….and my eggs.

So, if my eggs, my cage free, organic, grade A, at least I got them on sale,  eggs are the death of me, at least it’s been a good life……..


8 thoughts on “On A Fast Track?

  1. I am with you on this! The list goes on and on and on…
    To be honest, I rarely wash fruits and veggies before I eat them. The pesticides do not come off when washing them. My grandma says I will die from eating pop.
    She washes everything – even pre-cut mini carrots. Not me.

  2. Summer, if not for all the preservatives I’ve consumed in 51 years, I doubt I’d still be here! And as my oncology nurse said, “you had cancer, eat some cake!”

  3. this is intriguing…..and a bit funny!

    we’ve just decided upon a few non-negotiables for our family. we cut those things out (pop for example) and let some other things slide. because, as you point out, the thing that was once though to be a good item somehow turns bad.


  4. You are going to die from something. I’d rather die from living than from fear of living. Just a thought =)

  5. These are the comments from my FB, just added food for thought:

    LH: This made me laugh Summer. I feel the same way on so many things. And yes, I know I shared the thing about eggs the other day and I’m sure you probably saw it on some others pages. However healthy I may try to be on certain things, in our house, we still eat cheesecake on a regular basis (made with said eggs :), cream cheese that isn’t organic, … See Morewhite sugar and even alcohol—Yikes!) I think that your Paw-Paw had it right. Everything in moderation. It just sucks with somethings that it is hard to eat in moderation, i.e. HFCS unless you never eat anything processed. And HFCS only really makes me mad because it is a cheaper substitute, yet I still get charged the same amount. Anyway, great post.

    ES: Well said, Summer. I could get on a soap box about this very issue, too. But I’ll spare you!

    HD: At least Thomas eats a lot of Ketchup. You probably don’t have to worry about his… well you know :)
    Anyway, we’ve all gotta go somehow, might as well enjoy ourselves. Great post, as always.

    JM: The way I see it….we will all die sometime. At least my life was full of great tasting food, cute shoes, and all the other delights that will kill me. BTW, I was thinking about that whole Thomas loves Ketchup thing in Walmart the other day. I saw ketchup flavored Pringles, and it reminded me of him :)

  6. Great post – you hit the nail on the head when you said “moderation.” I love LH’s comment – sounds like me. One of the reasons I am so obsessive over what I buy and prepare at home is that it makes me feel a little better about going out to eat, indulging myself at the potlucks at church, and being treated to Dairy Queen once in a while (where I am sure I am breaking all of my rules)!

  7. OMG (Oh My Gosh) – did you need blood pressure medicine after all the stress facing your mortality via the breakfast, lunch and dinner plate? My grandmother lived to be 94 and demanded fried food at least 5 days a week!

    Maybe it’s all Psalm 139 – God programmed us, put gifts within us, knew our Goin’ to Heaven Date – and, maybe that’s why there are differentials. Then, the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy – and interfer in the dates God set because we have choices – and those choices can be life death choices.

    Everything has the potential to shorten our lives – from the first breath we take. I think a Nanny-State Mentality that tries to prevent any and all injury by saying we cannot eat this and that is a shame. Everybody knows all food has risks – think raw eggs. It’s common sense – it’s moderation (which is common sense).

    We cannot live in hamster balls – because life is life. Every day we walk out the door is a risk – just like there is a risk you might get kicked in kick ball! Gasp!

    OMG, you are getting me all stressed out now and all fired up – and I’ll need an extra dose of my BP meds!

    (I enjoyed your post Summer! Better than a cup of Joe – high risk I’m sure)

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