Repurposed Fun

My cousin gave Daniel a ball pit for his 2nd birthday. That’s right, a  ball pit. We have a nice walk-in attic space, so at least I had a decent place to store it when not in use. Turns out, once Wesley came along, he ADORED it. He would crawl over and dump himself into the pit with no qualms, full of joy. If I was holding him and it was ever in his line of sight, he would make all attempts to squirm out of my arms and get to it. Admittedly, when we first received the gift, I was automatically thinking of “pay back” gifts I could give her son on his birthday, but the kids really do love it. In fact, they love it so much Daniel played a little too hard in it and broke the pipe that held up the netting. With my waste not mentality, I knew there was still use to the ball pit, and it was at that point our new summer pool was born. Turns out, Wesley loves it just as much when water is in there along with the balls and Daniel still plays hard and has fun.


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