Oh The Places You’ll Go….

I got new Chacos. It was past time. My previous pair had been consistently worn for 8 years. That’s right, 8 years. Although still looking fit from the top, the soles of the shoes were completely exhausted. If they ever got a hint of water on them, they instantly became a slip and slide, which I was not happy to be sporting. It was time for new ones, and with a 7 year anniversary with an excuse to splurge, we bought the new pair, which you can see on my right foot (cute aren’t they?!). With new ones on foot, I asked Thomas, “What should I do with my old ones?” It wasn’t like they were in great condition, like the ones a friend from college gave us because her husband’s arch was disagreeable to Chacos. Thomas wore them for a bit and quickly realized they were a tad too small for his foot and didn’t fit right. We then passed them along to our brother-in-law, who seems well suited for them. Mine are not like that; mine are worn. And although sufficiently broken in, I can’t stand the thought of just shipping them to Goodwill. These shoes have a history, 8 years worth to be exact. They’ve taken me many places. They spent time in the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Gulf. They’ve gone up Diamond Head and down Fall Creek Falls. They’ve been dressed up and dressed down. They kayaked down rivers, rappelled down cliffs. I’ve taught in them, laughed in them, and I am sure even fought in them. They went on my honeymoon and on every vacation. Full of pregnant belly, they’ve carried me on errands. They’ve been to the fair, the grocery store, church, and home again. I know folks, they are just shoes, but they’ve really taken me places, with the pictures to prove it. They are worn, but worn well with memories. I know I have no need for them now that I have a safer, and cuter I might add, pair in my possession. But sent to Goodwill, they just get passed along to some stranger with no idea of the special things these shoes have done. I’m excited to see where the new ones will take me. Oh The Places they’ll go…..


7 thoughts on “Oh The Places You’ll Go….

    • :O) I think you will enjoy them; perfect for your work. Let’s get together soon and I will pass them along!

  1. Nice. I hadn’t thought about my life from my shoes perspective. Maybe that is why I can’t get rid of a pair of Doc Martens that have the toe scuffed up because I bought them in Germany and they’ve been on a few adventures too.

    I just bought my first pair of Chacos a week ago. They are nice, but my chiropractor doesn’t like them. :)

  2. Awwww, fun. I like your new ones. love your mentioning the ‘brotherhood of the traveling chacos’. it’s a shame the soles are too worn to pass them along for someone else to enjoy.

  3. My sons love Chacos! And they wear them until there is not more to wear! Oh, the stories they could tell – that I wouldn’t want to probably hear! I think sending them to GoodWill would be awesome! Kind of like the Velveteen Rabbit!

    Oh, the places you went – such special places! – but just because you choose not to walk in with your Chacos does not mean those Chacos have to stop walking in and experiencing life. Am I taking this way too seriously? LOL

    • I love this thought: “but just because you choose not to walk in with your Chacos does not mean those Chacos have to stop walking in and experiencing life”

      I actually gave them to my neighbor, Lisa, so she is helping them to see more of the world :O)

      Thanks for the kind words.

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