Leaving a Fleece

Ever had to make a win-win decision?

Even being a win-win, it is still difficult because you are simply deciding between two things that can essentially rock your world— but there is still the desire to figure out which one will rock the most and will have the greatest force.

Decisions. Unknowns. Wins. Variables.

Which to choose? A crossroads.

We’re at one of those places, folks. For us? We’re pulling a Gideon.

The “fleece” has been laid and now we’re just waiting for the reply. How’s that for obscurity?

Either way it is a win, so lucky us, right?

Now we wait until our fleece tells us what to do next. Stay turned………  :O)


2 thoughts on “Leaving a Fleece

  1. love this idea for helping decide the Lord’s will. not a perfect science and not an everyday strategy but something that can be of good benefit!

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