On the Light Side: A Note on Recycling

I’ve been a little quiet in blog land. The header at the top of the blog has changed, but I have not posted much lately. There is so much going on yet I am not in the mood to blog about those things. Instead, I will blog on something a little lighthearted:

I have an obsession with recycling. Sometimes I decide I am not going to recycle something, like a toilet paper roll for instance. Into the trash it goes, and as if in some Al Gore horror movie, I can hear it talking to me as I progress throughout my day. I get kinda twitchy and feel very guilty, knowing I tossed an item instead of taking it out to my garage into the cardboard recycle pile. 9.9 times out of 10, I go back and get it before the day is out. I, for better or for worse, have trashed a cardboard egg container while cooking in the kitchen only to go back later, scrape off the egg shells and other mess, and take it to my recycle pile.

The hubby and I do not have trash pick up at our home. We are old school and haul it off ourselves. I have to literally get out of my car 4 or 5 times as I drive around to the different recycle bins. For some reason, our entire county does not have a place to recycle glass. I once took a whole load of glass and asked the attendant where the glass went, being that I could not find a bin. “Into the compactor,” he said. This irritated me to no end. So, I now drive to a completely different county when I need to recycle my glass pile.

I am not sure from where this obsession comes. I do know that growing up I recycled aluminum cans to a fault. I would walk up and down the street and pick them up out of the ditch if they were found. Neighbors would bring a small grocery sack full or two of cans and toss them in our driveway for me to recycle. At this point it was not necessarily an environmental issue. I just recycled them for my Girl Scouts troop or for my own personal gain. My eldest brother and I would load them into his pick-up truck and take them up the street to his best friend’s house. His dad would then weigh them and fork over some cold hard cash right into my tiny hand. It was never much, but I guess 10 bucks to a non-wage earner is more than enough.

If we go to the dump and do not take any recyclables, which is rare, Daniel chimes in and says, “Don’t forget the ‘cycles Momma!” He will get a little upset if I do not have anything to recycle. Sometimes he is just a sucker for routine, but I like to think I am rubbing off on him.

I wish were I live was like where my brother lives. He just has a plastic bin with the universal recycle arrows on it that he can toss in anything that is recyclable. He places it out next to his garbage and the recycling is done. Until that time comes, I guess I am just confined to a garage full of 5, sometimes 6 piles of recyclable materials.

Anyone else have the guilty conscience if you do not recycle? Is anyone, after reading this, now going to have a guilty conscience if you do not recycle? :O)


7 thoughts on “On the Light Side: A Note on Recycling

  1. OMG, I am the same way! We actually have a service that comes to the house now, Green Monster. I am able to put all my recycling in one bin minus all the glass that goes into another. We have only had this service for a year or so and I feel spoiled. Since it is so easy at home I have a personal crusade for all the recycling at work, especially plastics! Something about a bottle sitting in a landfill for thousands of years makes my skin crawl! Autumn just loves it when I pick her up from school and there is NO place for her to sit in the car, i.e. trunk, back seat and part of the front seat is recycling I’ve collected! So, do not think you are alone. I was a “tree hugger” long before it was the cool thing to do and before we had all these lovely reusable bags I always used the paper bags. You want to make a Kroger employee cringe, ask for paper bags, TRUST ME! It is nice to know that someone else is crazy about recycling too, I think of it as just giving back a little piece that we take.

    • Christy–SO glad I am not alone in this! I will need to look into your curbside recycle pick-up, for it sounds like something I could benefit from frequently. And as far as doing things long before it was cool to do them: story of my life! I was the same way with coupons. I was clippin’ n savin’ long before people were blogging and teaching classes about it.

  2. The only thing that we recycle… which I’m not quite sure if it gets recycled. I haven’t done research for our county to know where the recycling place is. But, for some reason, we have been recycling plastic. I think it all started when we kept milk jugs in PR for hurricane emergencies, then emptied them out at Christmas to use as luminaries. When we moved to MS, I thought that plastic took up too much space in the trash can, so I kept it seperate. Then, at Walmart, i noticed they have a recycling bin for plastic baggies and plastic containers. Now, when my bag gets full, I lug it into the Walmart store. Where does it go from there? Who knows… but I ‘feel’ like I’m doing my small part. And yes, I get strange looks when I’m hauling my trash bag full of platic stuff through the doors :)

  3. Summer,
    You always make me laugh! I don’t have a garage, so usually my dining room is stacked with stuff to recycle. It doesn’t bother anyone since I live alone. I have to cram stuff into the trunk of my little Hyundai when I make the trip to the recycling station. It has certainly cut down on what ends up in the trash can! And Grommit helps by licking out the dog food cans until they nearly sparkle :) The only problem is that he hides them all over the house!! I walk around once a week, gather up his treasures and toss them in the can box, much to his dismay.

  4. I have been bad about recycling, but something that PA does that I am looking forward to is mandatory recycling of alluminum, glass, and I believe plastic! I believe that Juan’s brother told us that if they find this stuff in your garbage they can fine you. I try to recycle here, but have not been very good about it lately. I have even thought about trying to recycle at work – think about all those plastic medication bottles that get thrown away each day! Ok, So now I’m going to try and put it in motion this week – Thanks Sum! :o)

  5. Um… I’m a bit obsessed with recycling myself- so glad to find one more reason to add to the many reasons I like you my friend!

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