Big Brother, Little Brother

“Big brother, little brother, buddies true and strong. Life is truly twice as fun since he came along.”
~Marci Curtis

When people contemplate having a second child, there is usually a conversation that includes the phrase “I am not sure if I could love a second one as much!” This is a phrase I never once uttered. It is not that I am so full of love and therefore morally superior, I just never encountered this emotion. I suppose it is because I am the 3rd child in my family, so to believe that a parent might not love a second, much less a third, as much as the first was something I knew would not be true, for I grew up extremely loved. Plus, I am just so loveable, right? :O)

Actually loving a second child was easy. No surprises here. What was a surprise was how much they would love each other. Simply amazing.

I pray daily for my boys that “they would come to know the Lord early in their days, they will walk with Him all the days of their life, and that their days would outnumber mine.” I am now contemplating an additional phrase: that they would daily grow in their brotherly love. They seriously bless my heart.

I know there will most likely come a day when they battle it out on the front lawn in broad daylight over some silly girl but for now I am simply savoring.

And, as with every good picture in matching hand-me-down brother shirts, there are the still precious outtakes:


5 thoughts on “Big Brother, Little Brother

  1. You need to listen to Keith Whitley and Earl Thomas Conley’s song “Brotherly Love.” It came out when I was expecting my second son. A friend told me something very wise a few years ago, “The relationship with your sibling is the longest relationship you will have during your lifetime.” Amazing, huh! My second and third were really close, then grew apart and are now coming back together as friends again. I love watching their interaction still:)

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