It’s a Gift–Take It

Have you ever given a gift to someone that seemed a little perplexed by said gift? I am not talking about “Oh, for me? You shouldn’t have!” kind of perplexed flattery but more of a “Ummmm, what is this? Why would I need or want it?” type of contemptible bewilderment. Recently, I experienced just that when I gave a baby gift to someone. Somehow, she reacted as if I had given her and baby-to-be a bag of glass and a side of switchblades. Each item in the bag was turned over and examined suspiciously, as if I had stolen them and rubbed anthrax all over it. It almost made me laugh out loud, for she is socially awkward on some levels, so having a socially appropriate response for a gift that you just might not have felt was what the you, the receiver, wanted was not highly anticipated. And, already being involved in parenthood, which she was not officially a member of yet, made my gift choices pretty appropriate, but her idyllic bubble just did not allow for anything to pop it, even if it was a pragmatic gift that was not on the registry. It made me just want to scream during mid examination, “It is a gift; take it!”

So, get the point yet? Hope so.

Where is all this leading? It connects to something I encountered during my Sunday School lesson as we pondered the hope of the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter. The supplemental guide had the following line that struck me: “We do not have to wait until all the difficult questions have been fully answered before forsaking our doubts and believing in Jesus.” One of our scripture references was Luke 24:45, which stated how Jesus, after raising from the dead and appearing to his disciples, “opened their minds to understand the scriptures.”

This all links, promise. Hang with me :O)

So, think again of that gift. It was a little unclear to the receiver. She did not have all the answers to why she might one day need it/want it. She was over evaluating the gift rather than just taking it with a smile and waiting for the clarity to come later. She was bottled up in her own ego about her perceptions of parenthood, thinking she had all the answers.

Just like her, there are many in the world that need to do something similar when it comes to a relationship with the Lord. We need to just take it, the free gift of eternal life through Jesus. We may not understand all the ins and outs, nor may all the logic make sense. In fact, we may not have all the answers to how this relationship will work in our lives, nor do we often understand all the scriptures. BUT it is a gift, just stinkin’ take it! Allow yourself to be a receiver of this wonderful gift that has been given. If you are waiting until you have it all figured out, you will never be able to take it, for perfect clarity will never come here on earth. Perhaps you are waiting until you are certain that you need the gift of Christ, at which point you may be too late to receive it. It is a gift, take it, and salience of the situation can come later, just like it did for the disciples.

These folks walked with Jesus Christ and still did not understand all that he had to offer or all that had been said. In fact, I’ve even posted about their baseness. And they walked with the Savior and still did not completely get it; the Lord had to “open their minds to the scriptures.” They, however, saw the gift of the Savior and received it, even before He proved himself to be such. The taking of the gift preceded all the answers and understanding of the scriptures.

If we know it all before we accept, there would be no need for faith. God has called us to trust and receive the gift.

If you have not secured it, what are you waiting for? It is a gift, just take it, and know that it is the best gift you will ever receive, even if you do not understand it all completely. Some things will be revealed in time, don’t let that stop you from accepting it with open arms.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Gift–Take It

    • :O) You are not the culprit, Alison! Ha!

      Hope baby is still growing well. Looking forward to holding him/her soon!

  1. it is such a simple concept–take it! yet it is sad to know how many people out there are choosing not to accept this gift of Christ….

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