Almost, But Not Quite!

I just got a new cell phone. By “just got” I mean yesterday afternoon. I am not a very agreeable person when it comes to learning new tricks and clicks for phones. I did, however, want a new one, so I guess I brought frustration upon myself. I have a touch screen/keypad hybrid, free with contract renewal, so it seemed a logical choice. As we got into the car, right after activation, I almost immediately felt annoyed. Thomas replied with “You’ve had it 20 seconds; give yourself a moment.” I, however, do not like having to figure it out. I am not going to read the instruction booklet because it overwhelms me. I would rather just push buttons and figure it out. What I would like most would be for Thomas to figure it all out and then give me a mini-lesson for about 10 minutes on our couch. Alas, I have ended up with the just click and go mode. While touching and clicking, I suddenly received a message that said “Memory Cleared,” which really would not be a big deal since it was a new phone, but I had a memory card full of pictures that was transplanted from my old phone. I had no idea how I did it, nor did I have a way to fix it. Plus, Thomas was unavaiable at work and he is my rescuer, especially with all things technical. I went back to try and find some photos with no luck. I pouted about it. Turns out, they are still on the card but I had to put it in the computer to see them. Almost lost, but not quite! So, since I was disappointed about the thought of losing them, I am going to show you some of the pics I was saddened about so that you will understand why I might be sad.

Oh what joy my sleeping babies are to me. I just love taking pictures of them. You add that in with a sleeping hubby cuddling close by and I am not sure if there is much of anything cuter.

This is an old school photo of Daniel. I just looked back at him one day in the car seat and he looked so gangsta!

And my little Wesley, at two weeks old, chilling by the poolDaniel with birthday party cupcake icing all over his faceAnd my cute baby pondering life’s mysteries

See why I am so glad it was an almost but not quite?!


3 thoughts on “Almost, But Not Quite!

  1. Oh, isn’t that the worst feeling, believing you’ve lost photos?! So relieved for you to be spared AcTuAlLy losing your sweet pics! *Whew*

  2. I would have pouted at the thought of losing those sweet pics too! You sound JUST like me! I refuse to read manuals…just figure it out as I go along. Of course, there are times that reading the manual would have saved me a lot time and frustration, but still, I don’t do it. I too would rather Buck figure it out and teach me later. That’s why I’m surprised I’ve ever taken my camera out of Auto mode and have one scrapbook page done. I actually had to teach myself and read tutorials *shudder*. :)

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