i ♥ faces- smiles

Not only is this a toothy, smiling little boy, it is a very truthful one, just read his t-shirt. (For those unable to read it, it says, “My Mom is hot.”) See, told you he was honest ;o)

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Just for starters: There are just some words that you can not say the full “ing.” Fishing is one such word, so I will just say it as it should be: fishin’

Daniel loves to talk about fishin’. He use to imagine fishin’, dropping a string on the other side of the fireplace screen. Recently I got him a cheap toy fishin’ pole, complete with magnet nose fish. As I said, it was cheap, so it was transient, to say the least.

When I knew my brother was going to have some time off this week, which would actually put him in town rather than out of state or country, I asked if he would take Daniel fishin’. Time and place agreed upon, I needed to get Daniel a real pole.

After the pole was purchased, Daniel would *not* stop talking about going with Damien. He was beginning to drive me crazy. I told him he had to go to sleep 3 more times before it was fishin’ time. Once he woke up on the morning of fishin’, he asked about every 10 seconds if it was time to go to my cousin’s pond.

Damien talked with Daniel about fixing his pole properly. I tried to convince him to touch the worm, with no success. The two began fishin’ and all was well. I was very pleased with how quiet and attentive Daniel was.

Many casts later: no fish. My cousin took his son out on the small boat and began to catch fish immediately. After they enjoyed a few catch and release moments, they came to shore to trade out with Daniel and Damien. Daniel was thrilled to be out on the boat, and he still had not stopped yacking about fish.

Soon after departure, Damien caught a fish! As he reeled it to the boat, the fish began flopping, which almost gave Daniel a heart attack. He began screaming and crying, saying he did not want the fish. He placed his pole down and began to get out of the seat. Damien, holding his pole and newly caught fish in one hand, had to grab Daniel and place him back down with the other. Suddenly, Daniel’s pole had a nibble and was being tugged. Damien had to grab that pole before it was pulled into the pond. He then began to reel in that line with a fish in tow, which scared Daniel near to death. He was screaming and crying, hollering out “Put that fish back in the water!” And believe it or not, it was all about the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. My cousin, his kids, Wesley, and I all sat on the land, completely helpless, gawking and chuckling at Daniel, Damien, and the two flopping fish in the boat. The boy who wouldn’t shut up about fish was now actually catching them and he could not handle it! (just check out his face in the photo below! you can click on it and make it larger)

Once the fish were back in the water, Daniel was calm and collected again. He looked at Damien and said, “Let’s catch a baby fish now!” as if nothing ever happened. He did get a second fish and the tears and shouts were more subdued, which was nice.

All the way home, Daniel kept repeating, “I had a great time with Damien and those fish. We need fishin’ again Momma!”

My cousin, the pond owner, wins fishin’ tournaments each and every year. He has all sorts or lures and a pretty, fancy boat. Being that my son was not too keen on touching the big, fat worms (he’ll touch tiny ones in the yard), nor was he even contemplating touching a fish, I am not too sure if that is in his future. I do know, however, that all of us will remember that hilarious moment of uncle and nephew on the pond…..some just more fondly than others!

Big Brother, Little Brother

“Big brother, little brother, buddies true and strong. Life is truly twice as fun since he came along.”
~Marci Curtis

When people contemplate having a second child, there is usually a conversation that includes the phrase “I am not sure if I could love a second one as much!” This is a phrase I never once uttered. It is not that I am so full of love and therefore morally superior, I just never encountered this emotion. I suppose it is because I am the 3rd child in my family, so to believe that a parent might not love a second, much less a third, as much as the first was something I knew would not be true, for I grew up extremely loved. Plus, I am just so loveable, right? :O)

Actually loving a second child was easy. No surprises here. What was a surprise was how much they would love each other. Simply amazing.

I pray daily for my boys that “they would come to know the Lord early in their days, they will walk with Him all the days of their life, and that their days would outnumber mine.” I am now contemplating an additional phrase: that they would daily grow in their brotherly love. They seriously bless my heart.

I know there will most likely come a day when they battle it out on the front lawn in broad daylight over some silly girl but for now I am simply savoring.

And, as with every good picture in matching hand-me-down brother shirts, there are the still precious outtakes:

It’s a Gift–Take It

Have you ever given a gift to someone that seemed a little perplexed by said gift? I am not talking about “Oh, for me? You shouldn’t have!” kind of perplexed flattery but more of a “Ummmm, what is this? Why would I need or want it?” type of contemptible bewilderment. Recently, I experienced just that when I gave a baby gift to someone. Somehow, she reacted as if I had given her and baby-to-be a bag of glass and a side of switchblades. Each item in the bag was turned over and examined suspiciously, as if I had stolen them and rubbed anthrax all over it. It almost made me laugh out loud, for she is socially awkward on some levels, so having a socially appropriate response for a gift that you just might not have felt was what the you, the receiver, wanted was not highly anticipated. And, already being involved in parenthood, which she was not officially a member of yet, made my gift choices pretty appropriate, but her idyllic bubble just did not allow for anything to pop it, even if it was a pragmatic gift that was not on the registry. It made me just want to scream during mid examination, “It is a gift; take it!”

So, get the point yet? Hope so.

Where is all this leading? It connects to something I encountered during my Sunday School lesson as we pondered the hope of the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter. The supplemental guide had the following line that struck me: “We do not have to wait until all the difficult questions have been fully answered before forsaking our doubts and believing in Jesus.” One of our scripture references was Luke 24:45, which stated how Jesus, after raising from the dead and appearing to his disciples, “opened their minds to understand the scriptures.”

This all links, promise. Hang with me :O)

So, think again of that gift. It was a little unclear to the receiver. She did not have all the answers to why she might one day need it/want it. She was over evaluating the gift rather than just taking it with a smile and waiting for the clarity to come later. She was bottled up in her own ego about her perceptions of parenthood, thinking she had all the answers.

Just like her, there are many in the world that need to do something similar when it comes to a relationship with the Lord. We need to just take it, the free gift of eternal life through Jesus. We may not understand all the ins and outs, nor may all the logic make sense. In fact, we may not have all the answers to how this relationship will work in our lives, nor do we often understand all the scriptures. BUT it is a gift, just stinkin’ take it! Allow yourself to be a receiver of this wonderful gift that has been given. If you are waiting until you have it all figured out, you will never be able to take it, for perfect clarity will never come here on earth. Perhaps you are waiting until you are certain that you need the gift of Christ, at which point you may be too late to receive it. It is a gift, take it, and salience of the situation can come later, just like it did for the disciples.

These folks walked with Jesus Christ and still did not understand all that he had to offer or all that had been said. In fact, I’ve even posted about their baseness. And they walked with the Savior and still did not completely get it; the Lord had to “open their minds to the scriptures.” They, however, saw the gift of the Savior and received it, even before He proved himself to be such. The taking of the gift preceded all the answers and understanding of the scriptures.

If we know it all before we accept, there would be no need for faith. God has called us to trust and receive the gift.

If you have not secured it, what are you waiting for? It is a gift, just take it, and know that it is the best gift you will ever receive, even if you do not understand it all completely. Some things will be revealed in time, don’t let that stop you from accepting it with open arms.

Almost, But Not Quite!

I just got a new cell phone. By “just got” I mean yesterday afternoon. I am not a very agreeable person when it comes to learning new tricks and clicks for phones. I did, however, want a new one, so I guess I brought frustration upon myself. I have a touch screen/keypad hybrid, free with contract renewal, so it seemed a logical choice. As we got into the car, right after activation, I almost immediately felt annoyed. Thomas replied with “You’ve had it 20 seconds; give yourself a moment.” I, however, do not like having to figure it out. I am not going to read the instruction booklet because it overwhelms me. I would rather just push buttons and figure it out. What I would like most would be for Thomas to figure it all out and then give me a mini-lesson for about 10 minutes on our couch. Alas, I have ended up with the just click and go mode. While touching and clicking, I suddenly received a message that said “Memory Cleared,” which really would not be a big deal since it was a new phone, but I had a memory card full of pictures that was transplanted from my old phone. I had no idea how I did it, nor did I have a way to fix it. Plus, Thomas was unavaiable at work and he is my rescuer, especially with all things technical. I went back to try and find some photos with no luck. I pouted about it. Turns out, they are still on the card but I had to put it in the computer to see them. Almost lost, but not quite! So, since I was disappointed about the thought of losing them, I am going to show you some of the pics I was saddened about so that you will understand why I might be sad.

Oh what joy my sleeping babies are to me. I just love taking pictures of them. You add that in with a sleeping hubby cuddling close by and I am not sure if there is much of anything cuter.

This is an old school photo of Daniel. I just looked back at him one day in the car seat and he looked so gangsta!

And my little Wesley, at two weeks old, chilling by the poolDaniel with birthday party cupcake icing all over his faceAnd my cute baby pondering life’s mysteries

See why I am so glad it was an almost but not quite?!

Happy Easter!

We had rain in our area this Saturday morning, but that did not stop us from getting out and about for the day. On our way home from the library, we saw a bunny waving at us. At Daniel’s insistence, we went inside to visit more with the rabbit, at which point they offered to take our picture and print it for free.

Pretty corny and cute, isn’t it.

Then, as if it never rained a drop, the bluest skies came out, along with the sun. We figured since it cleared so nicely we would take a quick jaunt to a local egg hunt.

It was a bit of a madhouse, but we rode a train and got a few eggs, so all was well, I suppose!

If you know our family personally or you’ve read our blog much, you are full aware that we know the Easter Bunny and egg hunts are not what requires this holiday. Instead, we know it is because of Christ. Tomorrow, we will not go to our place of worship and celebrate a furry animal.

So, our little family prays you know the power and love of our RISEN Lord and Savior, this Easter and always.