What Will He Say Next?

Man, oh man, Daniel has been saying some hilarious things lately. It is just amazing to see how little minds work. I have a little journal for each of my boys where I write some of the cute life moments, but I figured it might be nice to log them here as well.

**Daniel has a toy with pictures of some silly characters on it. When you push them, they each sing a song or make a sound. After he names them off by their attributes, he pushes each one and dances accordingly:

D: “Clown” (pushes button and dances a jig)

D: “Dog” (pushes button bobs head back and forth)

D: “Grandpa Mouth” (pushes button, shakes hips)

S: What did he say, Thomas?

T: He said Grandpa Mouth.

S: What in the world is that?

T: It is the character with a mustache.

Guess we are not around enough people with facial hair!

**We were all riding in the car the other day, jamming out to some music. That is not totally true. Yes, we were all in the car but I think I was the only one “jamming out.” As I rocked on in my own little world, I tapped my own leg to the beat. From the back seat I hear Daniel, with urgency:
D: Momma! Please be careful!! You will hurt your leg!
S: Daniel, I will not hurt my leg; I am fine.
D: Momma, you will hurt your leg!
S: Son, Momma is just listening to the music. I will be ok.
D: Momma, I am still talking to you. I need you to listen…..You will hurt your leg. And you will get a boo-boo. And it will hurt. And then your leg will break. You need to stop.

Guess I need to restrain myself more when listening to Lady Antebellum!

**When it is bedtime at our house, I usually tackle the little one while Thomas tackles the big one. Daniel has completely absorbed this routine and to navigate away from it can be a bit of a disaster at times. He just loves that one-on-one time with his Daddy. Usually I finish nursing Wesley before Thomas is finished with Daniel’s routine and I get to hear their conversations:
T: Son, I love you, you know?
D: Yes Daddy, I know. You are the best friend that a boy has ever sawed. I love you, too.

Melts my heart, it does!

**Sometimes, when we are going someplace familiar, Daniel and I play a little game. We will act like the location is hiding and we are having to hunt for it. We will call out “Momma’s House, where are you?” Often Daniel flips the words and says “where you are?” Then, as we approach the place, he gets awfully excited and proclaims “There it is, Momma’s House!” (side note: It is always Momma’s House as well as everything in it, sans Thomas’s computer. He never says Daddy’s. I sometimes get embarrassed when he does it out in public because the way he words it makes us sound divorced.) So, on our way to the library the other day, he begins the game:
D: Library…….where are you?
S: I don’t see it Daniel. Where is it?
D: I don’t know. Let’s look more, Momma. Library…….I can’t see you!
S: Liiiibbbbrrrary
D: Momma, this will not work. The library can not talk. We will just have to—–Oh! There it is!!

Sweet moment from such a cute little man. What will he say next?

8 thoughts on “What Will He Say Next?

  1. Luv them all!
    I laughed at the moment where you said Daniel sometimes makes it sound like you and Thomas are divorced…Kyleigh has done the same. Since Chris has a crazy work schedule and now is on a 7 day work week so he can be home 6 of those nights at dinner, a day off is obviously a rarity (even before the planned 7 day work week setup, it seemed rare!). Upon those occasions where Chris has a whole day off, Kyleigh calls him her “all day Daddy”. We’ll be at a store or somewhere the night before, waiting in line, she’ll start jabbering and ask me in front of people, “Can I be with Daddy tomorrow? I want to go to Daddy’s all day!”…sounding as though just because Chris will be home I no longer live in the same house! I try to very clearly convey to Kyleigh (and the judgment-passing nosy people around us), “Yes, Daddy will be off work tomorrow and he’ll be at home with all of us all day long. Maybe we’ll sleep in and then go somewhere together as a family!” LOL Hopefully that covers it!

    • Such cute little stories, Summer. It makes me look forward (even more!) to when Owen will have conversations with us! Thanks for sharing…it put a smile on my face.

    • That cracks me up, Jessica! Sounds like you have found a smooth way to sorta correct her so that everyone else get’s the drift :O)

    • Oh, I bet! That Ryan sure is a whiz that has such funny things to say. Can’t wait to celebrate him here soon :O)

  2. I love each example: Grampa Face! I love it! Sadly, you think it’s cute now that he doesn’t want you to do something! It doesn’t play cute at 15, 19 and 23 – down right scares me to think about what they’ll say to me when I’m 105! LOL

    4 of my boys were rockin’ out the other day on our way down to you-know-where – to ACDC. I’m just sitting there thinking, “There’s something not right here.” They were really in to it thinking they were irritating me, but I thought it was so. . . . brotherly cute!

    And believe me, take all you can get right now – the momma’s house, the momma’s library, the momma’s hug – sniff! You Rock Star Mom!


    I sure miss seeing you a couple of days a week! Your boys are so adorable!

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