i ♥ faces- angles

This is a picture of Daniel playing in his crib when he was about the same age Wesley is now. Ironically, before I knew the theme this week, I was in Wesley’s room today thinking about these pictures of Daniel and how I needed to get some shots of Wesley just being silly in his crib as well. While looking at the photos, I realized how differently my two boys look. Right now, Wesley has two teeth on the bottom, just peeking out from the gum. Little Daniel had not a single one at this point, which some of the photos prove. Anyway, this shot works because it is at a different angle :O). I never do anything with the color of photos other than convert to black and white, mainly because I do not know how. This time, however, I managed to figure something out and altered the colors some, just for the heck of it. In the original it is very vibrant. I am not sure if I like it muted this much, but I still love it because it has my son in it.

Enjoy my not so little any more first born son when he actually was still little. My, my it all goes so quickly. I am glad to have so photos to remember it all by!

See what other angles people have captured


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