This Much, Always

(<—-Side note: Check out those cuties in my new double running stroller. I traded a neighbor friend my single for her double. FYI: Running with two kiddos in tow=hard)

Man, my kids love me! And the great part about it is that they just do. Wesley can simply hear my voice and want to jump into my arms. He grins from ear to ear when he catches a glimpse of me from across the room. Daniel is constantly hugging me, telling me “I luv you momma,” completely unprompted. I am so very blessed, for they even love me when I do not deserve it. Recently, Daniel has begun to parrot the phrases he hears us say to him. He says them in such a genuine tone too, which is so sweet. For instance, he saw me addressing some cards in our bedroom. I had them spread all over our bed. Daniel comes in and says, “Oh momma! You are so, so smart. Good job!” Smart for addressing envelopes? Ok, I’ll take that. He also told me the other day, when I decided to wash the car by driving through a car wash that he was “So proud. You did good on the car, Momma.” Really? I mean, all I did was push a button to bring down then window, stick my hand out into the cold air, and then swipe my debit card. You’re proud of that? Awesome! I truly pray they love me this much, always……or even more one day!

I also take great comfort in the fact the Lord is as good and as kind. He just loves me. Even when a skeleton may be in my closet, God loves me for me, and he is proud, even in the simple. Unconditional love, even if I do not reciprocate. How amazing is that? And I know He will love me this much, always.


4 thoughts on “This Much, Always

  1. LOL! It is always a good feeling to be told one is doing a good job, isn’t it?
    Enjoy this time, Summer. You have two wonderful little boys who will be big boys well before you are ready. Even though my son is 29, I still see the little boy he was, and I miss those precious days. He has become a very good friend as an adult – you have that to look forward to!

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