Wii Came, Wii Saw….

Wii Conquered.

We debated about a Wii for a long time. Then, we had some Christmas money and the hubs had a birthday on the horizon. It seemed prudent, so we took the plunge……after we were finally able to conquer wii supply and demand to locate one! Anyway, we’ve had it a couple of weeks, and we mainly play it while the kids are asleep. When they are awake, Daniel has mostly just watched while perhaps doing something similar in his own respect beside us, sans remote.

When Thomas came home the other day from work, Daniel completely bombarded him, begging to play baseball. I blame the Curious George book on baseball that we borrowed from the library for this one. He told Thomas that they must have hats, so he went and grabbed some, which were actually winter hats, so Thomas exchanged them for true baseball caps. The boy then insisted that they be worn backwards while they played their imaginary game. This new game of baseball was actually turning more into a game of Calvin Ball , in which Thomas could not keep up. I suggested that they try baseball on the Wii, and they did:

So fun :O).

Since we have one now, what games should we be on the lookout for? Currently we own the game that comes with it and Wii Active. The Wii Active is great so far, and I am impressed with how much of a workout it can be! Any other suggestion anyone?


4 thoughts on “Wii Came, Wii Saw….

  1. Fun! We got ours back in Aug. I think for 50% off, so we snagged the deal. We don’t have a lot of games, though. Currently investigating some for kids, and I saw that Crayola makes some creative stuff. Play on!

  2. We haven’t given in to the Wii pressure yet. We have played it with friends though…lots of fun! I love that Thomas and Daniel have the same expression in the one picture. Their mouths are shaped exactly the same way! Hope you continue to enjoy it.

  3. I put this on FB too and had lots of people recommend Mario Kart, The New Super Mario Brothers, and Mario Party. I guess anything Mario must be fun! I got a recommendation for Just Dance too, which I have played, and it was a blast!

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