Politically (In)Correct

My family is Caucasian, obviously. Although we interact on some level with people of different races daily, we do not have anyone of a different race come over and hang out, nor do we live in an extremely diverse region. My best friend is not white, but my kids do not get to see her frequently, for she is several states away. I say all this to let you know we love people of all colors, even if we do not get to mingle with them frequently. I do truly want my kids to not be prejudice, so acceptance of all races is important and critical in our lives. This said, you can imagine what I felt the other day when Daniel pointed out a little African American girl at the grocery store. It went a little something like this:

D: Momma, look! A brown girl!
S: Yes, Daniel; you are right. Her skin is a different color.
D: Uh-huh.

I was sensing a “teachable moment,” so I went with it.

S: You know Daniel, even though her skin is a different color, she is just like you.
D: Nuh-huh.

This was not how things were suppose to go. He was suppose to agree with that statement.

S: Yes, Daniel, she is just like you.
D: NO!

Now I am starting to get very nervous. Where did he get this from? Why does Daniel, my precious son, think that he is not like the “brown girl” that he sees in the grocery store? We certainly did not teach him this.

S: Son, even though that little girl’s skin is “brown,” she is just like you!
D: No she not! She a girl, I a boy, momma!!

:O). So, yeah. I guess that is what you get when you try to be politically correct with a 3 year old.


6 thoughts on “Politically (In)Correct

  1. I think I have told you before that Lila identifies more with other races than she does her own.

    If we are in chik-fil-a or mcdonalds and there are children of a variety of heritages playing together then Lila is happy like a pig in a mud pit.

    If the kids are a variety of heritages, and not playing together, My child looks at the variety and picks the african-american folks and gravitates towards them. If there are no beautiful little brown-skinned children to play with then Lila picks the child who is the most un-like herself and plays with that child. so if she could find a bright green boy she would choose him. I guarantee you.

    She has been this way since she was a baby at daycare.

    :) i dunno how to recreate it though. Daniel is so cute!!!

  2. this is too funny! i agree with kelley—sometimes you just have to hold your breath with kids and hope they don’t say anything too awful!

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