While Running…

Technically, while running, a myriad of things happen. I get fit, talk with God, relieve stress, enjoy nature, and other such typical results. Also, while running, I find the craziest things. This has not always been the case. In fact, all of the previous things have always been true when running, no matter where I have lived, but since living in our most recent location, on a one lane road in the country, I just can’t believe the things I have managed to sight. One day I found an entire gift wrap package: bow, tissue paper, and bag. I’ve seen eaten, uneaten, and  inedible food, unopened cokes, opened and empty beer. One day I saw an animal skeleton that I knew needed to be collected and placed in the Smithsonian, for it resembled  nothing I have ever seen or read about in my lifetime. There is always an animal carcass, mainly opossums. I once saw a really nice watch that had been destroyed by a car or truck tire.  In December, I found a box cutter that was super fancy, more akin to a nice pocket knife. I collected that, cleaned it off, and gave it to my Father-in-law. I have seen some unmentionables, but if you use your imagination, you can fill in that blank. I guess when you live on a one lane road in the country, people find it appropriate to just displace whatever they feel like on the road.  I always find something of interest, albeit at times things I wish I hadn’t seen. Occasionally, I will make a mental note of where it is, grabbing it on my route back home. Last month, I found something that I fully believe tops them all:

And, yeah, I obviously picked it up, perhaps despite my better judgment. There was not a drop of blood on it, so I suppose it wasn’t a murder weapon that I tainted upon retrieval. And, yeah, I ran with it. I am an idiot, I know; you don’t have to tell me so. The entire time I was holding it, I was conjuring images of tripping and impelling myself on it. Eventually I had enough of those and I tossed it, only to pick it back up on my cool down. You should have seen Thomas’s face when I walked into the house with it.  He was especially terrified since we had just gotten our light bill for the coldest month in ages. Anyways, if there was some contest for odd things found while running, I am sure I would win it, hands down. However, if you have found something odd when out walking or running near your home, I’d love to hear about it, for it makes me feel like less of an anomaly.  So what do you find while running?


4 thoughts on “While Running…

  1. Can’t say I’ve ever found anything that can compete with your finds. Tyler and I are both chuckling at this post–glad you didn’t hurt yourself with your unique find!

  2. Sharing FB comments, for additional fun:

    JC: NO WAY! You seriously found THAT? LOL. Wow, you win the “bizarre things” contest hands down!

    SB: eeekkk!!!!

    PR: t’s a good knife – scrub it up

    BH: Summer, I truly wish you would write for our local newspaper…Uplifting stories instead of sad…I love reading your stories!!! you are truly gifted!

    MKP: Summer, I loved the comment about the electric bill. LOL

    BT: Hilarious! Thank you for sharing. I haven’t found any strange artifacts on my runs, but I do enjoy the chats with God, etc. Love to hear from fellow runners!

    Me: Oh, Maire, that electric bill was beyond ludicrous. It was more than double our normal bill! I have talked with others though and realize we were not alone in that fact. Pat–I totally cleaned it! I am going to use that knife. The blade has not a single chip or rough spot.

    PR: I bet someone was moving and it bounced out of a box in a truck bed.

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