Another Round!

We just found ourselves with another round of snow. The first time it was all snow; this round we were given some ice as well, which has made for a crunchy layer on top. Little Daniel did not even weigh enough to bust it when he walked. Along with some neighbors, we were able to go sledding, which was fun (see video for proof).

Despite the ice covered roads and little sleep (thanks to a still under the weather, double ear infection Wesley), we ventured to church this morning. Thankfully we live really close (about 2 1/2 miles). We were able to hear some really good things in Sunday School and Worship, which I am still chewing and thinking on, but I promise to share later. Until then, here is a visual of what I walked away with this Sunday:

5 thoughts on “Another Round!

    1. Yes, these boots are from Target! I bought them and was sure I would cause a drought or something. Turns out it rained a few days later and then we got snow!

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