Mr. Big Stuff

We can’t show you anything with Wesley crawling, for he seems not to care. He prefers to butt scoot across the floor. This just sorta happens without you even really noticing it. You might look at him, look away, and then, eerily, he has made his way across the floor, never too far, yet enough, with excitement and determination.

Today, however, while sitting next to the laundry basket while Mommy folded clothes, Wesley decided to pull himself to standing! He has been trying this one for a while, and today he succeeded. He was super proud, knowing he was Mr. Big Stuff. He managed to hold on long enough for a quick photo op. Way to go, Wesley!


9 thoughts on “Mr. Big Stuff

  1. GO WESLEY!!!!!! I remember when Tyler first started standing on his own and he’d be SO PROUD. :) They are sooo cute!!! I love that our babies are all so close in age.

    Lila was talking about daniel today playing in the play room. She was saying “Daniel, WALK, no walk WALK.” like “I SAID WALK – don’t you hear me!?” so i think she may have named a stuffed animal after daniel ;) LOL

  2. Wow! He’s growing up fast. It seems like just yesterday I was holding him when he was only a week old. Maybe he’ll skip crawling and start walking soon! That’s what Michael Paul did. According to his mom he went from butt-scooting to walking. I’m wondering what Keziah will do but I don’t want her to grow up too fast!

  3. That’s adorable, Summer! I can’t believe that he’s already pulling up! Watch out…he’ll be walking before you know it! I was looking at the blog header pic and he and Daniel look a lot alike. :) They’re so cute!

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