Snow Day!

Although the Weather Forecaster said we would have much more, we did manage to get a light dusting here. Now, I know my friends and family in MI, MN, CO, NH, Germany, and other such places, will look at our accumulation and laugh. And when they read that school was closed for two days already because of this “snow storm of 2010,” they will roll their eyes. Regardless, we took time to go out and play, especially being that this was Wesley’s first snow!

When we made it back inside, Daniel’s hair was mess (in a different way than it normally is), so I snapped a picture.And then we got to work on making a pie for some friends that were going to come to dinnerBut we’ve decided to postpone our dinner until the slush and ice clear up next week, being that a bit of a commute was involved on their part. :o/

So, who wants some pie? :O)


5 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Glad to see you got out to enjoy the snow! I love the picture of the three of you all bundled up. So cute! Wish we could come and have some yummy pie with you!

  2. Trust me, I’d rather have your light dusting than the snowglobe that we inhabit! Love the pic of Daniel’s wild hair!

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