A Jolly Holiday :o)

We hope that you had a jolly holiday, just like we did. I know yours most likely zoomed past too. We had an especially busy and exciting Christmas this year, for we had two children with whom to celebrate. Daniel was beyond excited about every gift, even ones that were not for him. When his Daddy opened up some much needed dress shoes, Daniel cheered. So cute. As for Wesley, he enjoyed attempting to eat everything and anything that he could get to his mouth. I will say though, 6 months is a great age for a first Christmas, for he could sit up unassisted and soak up the moments with wide eyes, rather than being a little month old lump like his brother was for his first Christmas. The toy ice cream cones that were in their stockings proved to actually be a good item for Wesley to attempt eating! Even though we had Christmas events spread out over several days, we did not manage a single family of 4 photo. I am a little bummed about that. I did remember Christmas night that we had not taken a photo but the kiddos were already zonked out in bed so I had to settle for a timer photo of just me and the hubs. I suppose I could just fake it and take one later, before we officially take down the tree, right? I also had my camera battery die at one entire Christmas event, but I can ask for photos from my sis-in-law from the Christmas I missed photographing, so no worries –when you read this, Elizabeth, e-mail me some photos, :O) thanks!–


6 thoughts on “A Jolly Holiday :o)

  1. No worries, as soon as tomorrow’s birthday-palooza is over I’ll be going through the pictures and (cross your fingers now) updating our blog. Let me know the best way to get them to you – I can email them, save them to a flash drive, or just print them. :) Love you!

    • Yes, Brandy, he did! My sweet mother-in-law got him one! I need to take a good look at clearances to see if I can pick him up another, for Daniel got several :O)

  2. Summer,
    I was catching up on all my friends’ blogs last night post holiday bakery/flu craziness at our home. But I was reading about Daniel’s birthday party and your bargain hunting. Any suggestions or know of anyone that would have had a farm or animal themed party lately? I am trying to gather ahead of time so it is not last minute. Since Samantha Grace’s birthday is around Easter I know that I will be slammed again with the bakery, so the earlier the better.

    Thanks for all the tips already!

    • Oh how fun! I know that Target has tons of cute animal items in the dollar spot right now. Buy a package of the little animals as toppers to your cupcakes. Pipe them with green icing (like grass) and stick one on top. They also have animals that make sounds now too, so buy those for the favors and extra decor. If you want to go all out, have everyone wear their farmer overalls! That would be beyond cute. I think you could make some barn invites where you open the barn doors to read the info (not sure if that made any sense). I would choose some solid, bold colors and just put those all over the place to augment the animal items.

      I am so glad to know your bakery business is flourishing! You are so brave. I know I totally could not pull that off :O)

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