Same Rant, Different Baby

Thomas and I took Wesley to his 6 month well-baby visit & Daniel to his 3 year check-up Monday. Everything was good developmentally but we did have to endure a conversation about weight, especially for Wesley. It reminded me of a similar situation with Daniel. So, rather than regurgitate the same rant over a different baby, I will refer you to the first spiel that was transferred over to WP from my old blog.

Added point: Daniel was in a low percentile on the growth chart because, according to the doctor, he is the average height of a 5 year old. He is also the average weight of a 3 year old. However, when you average those two together, you get a very low percentile, thus making him below average. The doctor was in full disclosure that this was the flaw with Daniel. So, should we not suspect that something similar might be for Wesley?I truly do like the doctor, but I hate this premise. She acknowledged the skinny mom tall dad fact too, but this still did not stave off a follow up appointment. I am suppose to go back in a month to make sure Wesley is not falling off the chart. I have not yet scheduled that appointment—-and I may not do it at all.

Pop on over to that post and let me know what you think and where your baby falls or fell! I would love to know what others think (again!).


7 thoughts on “Same Rant, Different Baby

  1. Oh, we had our well-child exams yesterday…the 3 yr old and 18 mo old versions. I wanted to kick someone in the shins before it was all said and done. While at the doctor’s office, I was told that my children are short, overweight, and at their ages should not have behavioral consequences. Grrrrrrr! I may just have to blog about it to get it off my chest. Basic gist: highly considering new pediatrician.

  2. well you know i LOVE my pediatrician and though I have to drive downtown to go to his office it is EXTREMELY worth it. When Lila took 6 weeks to regain her birthweight he did not get cranky one bit!!!

    So while acknowledging the annoyance of having to drive downtown….it’s worth it to have a doctor for my children who I have known since I was 18 … who lives six doors down from me & Goes to our church!!!!

    He is really and truly a phenomenal dr!!! I’m sure KE agrees with me too!! :)

  3. Well, if you like your ped., I guess I would just ignore the weight comments. Liam was in the 95 percentile for weight and height at 6 months however if we were to take him back to the ped. now, I’m sure he would be way way down. He is 27 pounds now at 2 years, however he was 20 pounds at 6 months. As for your comment in your previous post about breastfed babies pack on the weight slower. I think that it is based on genetics and metabolism. I hope that your doctor doesn’t push formula for low percentile. I mean, isn’t there a range for a reason.

    It doesn’t sound like you are worrying too much about what the doctor says, but I don’t like that she even put much emphasis on it. I guess they just have to make a comment about something, kind of like the older folks in families. Example and off topic, Damon’s great aunt always comments on the fact that Liam’s head is too round and that we need to lay him more on his back. LOL.

  4. I commented on the other one, but here is a little more info. Jackson weighed 8lbs 2 oz, 3 1/2 weeks early mind you. He was always in the 50th percentile or so for height and the 90’s for weight. Jacey was 2 weeks early, 6lbs 3 oz. She has never been over 12% in weight, and is 85th in height. I say “go jacey!” What I wouldn’t give…..
    As long as they are on track developmentally…NO worries!

  5. Summer,
    My father was very, very thin as a child, and was about 3 1/2 ft tall at 3 yrs old . He ate all the time, everything in sight. He ended up 6’7″ as a 17 yr old in 1957 – that’s very tall for that time period.
    My brother was the same way, was 24″ at birth, and in fact stopped growing in middle school for a while. Then he grew 11 inches in his junior year in high school. Mom couldn’t keep him in jeans that fit! He’s 6’4″now.
    One of my sisters is 5’11” and wears a size 4!!!!! She turns sideways and disappears. Her hubby is 6’9″
    And to make you cringe – my mom is 4’11”. Imagine the doctor’s amazement when he delivered my brother….Mom said he just stood there holding my brother by the ankles and looked at her and said, “how?” After he went out to tell my father it was a boy, he said, “oh, THAT’S how!”
    If your boys are healthy, eating, running around, etc, you’re doing fine.
    I still remember your blog about Daniel crawling right out of his pants as a baby :)

    Miss you guys!

  6. We had some issue with this when Stephan was an infant, only to find out later that their scale was off! Interesting though, the Dr. never really freaked, just wanted to have him come back to check it out again. The nurse, however, that checked him freaked and told me I needed to stop nursing and feed solids. Get him more calories. He was healthy. It was ridiculous. As a new mom nursing for the first time I freaked and cried. We weighed him before every visit after that and made them use a different scale the next time. After that the Drs. have pretty much just focused on if he’s steadily gaining, staying within a certain percentile. They have not compared his weight to his height ever (he’s long and lean too).

  7. Ty, at his 4 month check up, was 98th percentile for weight and height, 91st percentile for head circumference. Our doctor told us not to worry about it because the numbers were proportionate to each other. She said there would be a problem if one was really high and the other low.

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