Because I Don’t Want to Forget

Recently there was a life moment that I don’t want to forget, so besides just making a mental memory, I am going to record it here and share it with you. Let me take you back….

Daniel had grabbed his Daddy’s Bible off the bedroom nightstand. Cautiously, he carried the Bible into the kitchen where I was. He informed me, quite boldly, that he was going to study. This did my heart good, being that I knew he could put the Bible and studying together because that is what his daddy and I do. After plopping down onto the floor, he began to quietly lift and turn each page with care.

Once Thomas  got home, Daniel wanted to “study” some more, so he brought back out the Bible. As Daniel turned the pages, Thomas asked him if he wanted to read about the birth of Jesus, to which Daniel shook his head  no, pointed to the Bible,  and replied, “No baby Jesus, baby Jesus there!” At which time he pointed to the nativity scene on the mantle.

Thomas gently informed Daniel that baby Jesus was in the Bible too, and he could help Daniel find that story. Daniel said that he could find Jesus himself in the Bible; he turned to Genesis. Believing in the Trinity and 3 in 1, you really couldn’t argue with that one.

Next, Thomas tried again to have Daniel let him turn the pages to the book of Luke with the Christmas story. Daniel finally handed his daddy the Bible. With the Bible in his hand, Thomas inched up to the edge of the couch and hunched over so that he and Daniel could be eye to eye, intimate.

It truly was a sweet and special image, a father and son moment that I was being fortunate enough to see. And although we are constantly showing and teaching our son the love of Christ in which we so strongly believe, along with Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross for our sins, we’re not always blessed with a  moment of opportunity so precocious with our newly 3 year old.

As Thomas gazed into Daniel’s eyes, he very softly spoke these words: “Son, do you know what the Bible is all about?” To which Daniel replied, “Yes, Daddy. Magic Corn.”

That’s right folks. This intimate moment was turned into one of extreme laughter, for my son told us that the Bible was about “Magic Corn.”

I have not a clue where this came from.

At least he sings “Jesus Loves Me” word for word on a daily basis. He’s got that going for him. :O)


3 thoughts on “Because I Don’t Want to Forget

  1. Love it! Little ones don’t always see things the way we do. Have you said anything about “growing” or “growth” when you mention the Bible? Daniel may have seen something about corn growing on tv and associated it.

  2. Oh Summer, this totally melts my heart and cracks me up all at the same time! Praise God for those ‘hold in your heart’ moments…

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