I ♥ Faces: “Sweet Dreams”

I love photos of my sleeping kids! I have tons. The things is though, they are not of any kind of quality. I’ll just take a photo with what is near, like my cell phone. I have pictures of Daniel sleeping in a Rubbermaid tub when we were moving, Daniel asleep in all sorts of positions, Daniel asleep in the bassinet, crib, his car seat, our bed, the floor,  Thomas’s chest, Daniel asleep standing up…..I think you get my point ;o). I am now working on my stockpile of Wesley photos! Anyway, the one above, of Daniel, was taken this summer while on vacation at the beach. I love how the butt of his stuffed bear is right in his face. Too cute. The slightly sun kissed cheeks are precious, but I know I am bias here.  Remember to check out other sleeping photos over at i ♥ faces


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