One Man’s Junk…

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

I believe this to be true. We had a yard sale recently, making almost 200 bucks, and I can hardly remember what we sold.

Anyway, I do love buying others’ junk as well, whether it be yard sales, consignment sales, and most recently, an auction! I have only been to one other auction, so this little adventure was slightly out of my comfort zone. With Wesley asleep in the chest carrier, I bid on, and won, an old picture frame that was in an old garage. I also walked away with a very pretty birdhouse for $2 bucks that I plan on giving to my Father-in-law.

I didn’t take a before picture because, in all honesty, I was too excited cleaning up the dusty, dirty, pitiful looking frame. Even though it was ugly, I knew it had potential. Now, I am by no means crafty, but I know crafty people, like this girl and this girl, and I guess perhaps their skills inspired me to love the frame. Being I had just painted my bathroom, I already knew the spot it was going to go, along with the exact picture I was going to put into it. Alas, here is my pretty “vintage” frame bought at the cost of five bucks, but being that the auctioneer had grouped 4 other random items with it, I like to think in terms of it being just $1

DSC_0002And what picture is inside that pretty frame? A photo taken by the hubby, of course. It is super special though because it is of the landmark building on the college campus where we met and fell in love……awwwhhhh, so sweet. So, even though you may not like it, there it is: my treasure, another person’s old, dusty junk.


4 thoughts on “One Man’s Junk…

  1. I LOVE the frame Summer… score!! Thanks for the shout out… you are sweet! However… I am going to have to kill you! :) My son has been screaming all day about going to Daniels party!! :) Ha! He doesn’t understand why we aren’t going now.. and then now… well… why not now!?!? :)

  2. Wow… so $1 that’s awesome. I love that frame. And thanks for the call out. All though you may not consider yourself “crafty” you certainly are creative!

    ps. I so need to call your mom!

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