A Professional in the Making

IMG_2013_0400My cousin just recently got married. She had planned a beautiful outdoor fall wedding, but her plans were interrupted a little on the account of some frigid fall temps. Instead, she had to settle for a beautiful “indoor” fall wedding. Being that the plans had changed due to the weather, things were a little cramped. As everyone huddled into the fancy barn, I began to pray that my kids behaved. I know that they are just that, kids, but you really don’t want to have a battle in the middle of someone’s most perfect day. When Daniel began to fidget, I quickly scrambled my mind for something to occupy him. In perfect mommy mode, I decided to show him pictures on the digital camera. As I whispered “Look, Daniel,” I began to show him the images; this was a great plan. As I clicked through a few images from the beginning of the wedding and an outing from the night before, I soon entered into some photos that I did not expect to see. Suddenly, I found myself becoming the one to keep quiet. My eyes were watering and my sides were hurting as I held back chuckles. What was so funny? Daniel’s photography. He had obviously acquired my camera and taken TONS of pictures of the most random items. As I scrolled through, he whispered about each picture, in such a matter of fact manner, that I was laughing even more. I stayed quiet though, and so did my son= success. His quality and composition are quite impressive, not to mention his choice of subjects. He takes after his Daddy, and I must have a professional in the making!



10 thoughts on “A Professional in the Making

  1. Awesome! Kyleigh takes really great pics, and some of her feet, too! Don’t you just love seeing the world through a child’s eyes? Seeing what’s important or beautiful or intriguing to them? Great pics, Daniel! I don’t know if Daniel has a camera of his own, but the one we’re giving Kyleigh for her bday is the Kidizoom by Vtech. There are similar models by Fisher-Price and other brands, but this is the one I’ve found best written reviews and it comes highly recommended by a fellow mommy who recently celebrated her eldest child’s 3rd bday. These pics are digital and can be uploaded to the computer (maybe tv too), even edited, and there are also games (such as Tic-Tac-Toe and the like). Just thought I’d throw that out there since you face the holiday/bday year-end mix, too. They can cost $80-ish, but there are great sales and great deals out there! By the way, bride and groom appeared joyous on their special day!

    • That sounds like a really neat gift, Jessica! I have not even thought about getting Daniel his own camera, but it is certainly something to check out now that you have mentioned it!

  2. How funny, Stephan enjoys taking pictures but you cannot tell what they are of since he just points and shoots, no aim like Daniel. Your cousin had a gorgeous wedding dress!

  3. Oh and it was good to see you on Sunday. Also, I know we talked about this awhile back, but you are welcome to come to our every other Thursday community group. We’d love to have you two.

  4. I love the pictures! They made me laugh a lot. I have so much to look forward to. I don’t think I’ll ever have a boring day again. Not that I have in the past year, anyway!

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