I ♥ Faces– Favorite Things

Folks over at I Heart Faces are suppose to post some of their favorite things, just for kicks, so they don’t necessarily have to be faces. I decided to give you a quick look at 5 of my favorite things, in no particular order, of which I actually happen to have photos that I have taken and can therefore post. (click on the button below to see what everyone else loves)

1) The view from our living room windows during any and all seasons. It is simply serene.

our view

2) Wesley, my paci loving, bath appreciating, wide-eyed wonder.


3) Daniel, my toothless, double crowned, snack-sneaking superstar.

sneaking snacks_edited-1

4) The fact that both my boys have big toes like their daddy. Why this is so cute to me, I can’t really tell you, but the identical toes just make me smile.Red, White, Blue Photo Shoot-july 018

5) Trips to the beach. I could be there 24/7, but the hubby is not so inclined. He humors me though and allows for brief vacations.

vacay 09_0122
What are your favorite things?


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