We ♥ Fall

Oh how lovely the weather has been recently! Our state has certainly earned it after the weeks of rain we’ve endured. Now that fall is here, we’ve made several comfortable trips to the park with friends and family.


We are also gearing up for a Sunday School party tonight, complete with a hayride, weenie roast, and smores! I signed up to bring a dessert, and I opted to be a little festive in the process:finger food

So how you do like my finger food ;o) ? Being that I had never made them before, I decided a taste test was in order. Although I mostly prefer all things chocolate, I think these are tasty. Want to make some too? Check out the recipe; Just don’t compare how mine look with the ones on the recipe site.

Hope you are enjoying fall too, perhaps even having your own hayride!


7 thoughts on “We ♥ Fall

  1. Oh my goodness… those fingers are awesome!! Might have to make some of those but I don’t know if I could eat them! :) Might creep me out!

    Gorgeous pics Sum!! The weather has been awesome! So nice to open up the windows!!

  2. Summer, I remember the turkey pretzels you made a long time ago that were tasty and cute. I will just have to believe you that the “finger food” was tasty…eww! Bet the kids thought they were hilarious.

    • Pat- Yeah, I am a dork like that! I do the turkey dessert at Thanksgiving, Reindeer at Christmas, Ghosts at Halloween–and I guess I can now add fingers to the mix ;o)

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