Peer Pressure- A One Act Play


DANIEL: Toddler; energetic big brother with seemingly unkempt hair

WESLEY: Infant; playful, big eyed little brother

MOMMA: Mid to Late 20s; Dashing, strong, and quick minded


The play takes place in a typical American household’s kitchen and living room just before dinnertime and Daddy’s arrival home from work.

Curtain Rises

Daniel: (enters kitchen where MOMMY is prepping food) I want a cookie.

Momma: (gently) Sorry, but it is almost dinner time. You can have a cookie after you eat your dinner.

Daniel: But I want a cookie!

Momma: Sorry. No cookie.


Momma: What did I just say? No cookie!

Daniel: COOK—

Mommy: Nope.

Daniel: (begins sobbing and wailing) Pllllleeeeaaasseee Mommy, cookie!!!

Momma: (matter of factly) If you are going to cry, you will have to leave the kitchen. I am making dinner and you can’t cry in here.

Daniel: (drops head, slumps shoulders, pouts lips and moves stage left to the living room, sitting next to WESLEY who is in a baby bouncer seat) Wesley, Momma is mean. We’re mad!

Wesley: (responds with big, bright eyes, coos and smiles)

Daniel: No, Wesley. Mad. Be mad. Momma mean. She not give Daniel cookie!

Welsey: (coos and smiles, even bigger than the first time, at DANIEL. Opens mouth wide and shoves in his fist gurgling with happiness).

Daniel: (sobs recommence) Wahhh!!! Wesley not mad at Momma! Wesley mean!

Momma: (Restrains a chuckle, shakes her head, and continues her task of making dinner, vowing to make note of the experience)



7 thoughts on “Peer Pressure- A One Act Play

  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But prepare yourself – in a few years Daniel will be convincing Wesley that he must do all the asking and begging because the two of them will believe that you can’t resist the younger one’s charms! We used to make our little brother do the begging, and it usually worked.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Fantastic! Until the conversation between your Daniel and Wesley, it was the exact conversation I have with my Daniel at least once or twice a week. Your little boy is hilarious!

  3. That is hysterical!! I am sooo glad that Carver is not the only one who throws fits over wanting junk… it is non-stop as of late! I didn’t think that should happen until they got older! Maybe it was just wishful thinking!

  4. That is priceless! I asked my very favorite sister in law one time who has 4 boys what you say when they tell you you’re mean. She answered, “And I can be meaner.” I thought that, too, was priceless!

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