A 2nd Day Out

aug sept 09 053

We went to our local .Thomas The Train. “Day Out w. Thomas” event for the 2nd year in a row (click on the link and see last year’s post—just look at how much my little man has grown!). As with last year, we went with Thomas’s sister and family to the big event, and we all had a blast. I think the fit that was thrown when Daniel had to get in the car seat and  leave was bigger this year than last, but the smiles while we were just as heart-warming as last year, and they made the toddler pity party worth it.  My brother-in-law and I commented on how someone really aught to film families as they leave the event, toddlers in full force fits and tears, making a compilation of all the drama as a promotional video for the event :o). You just had to literally stand back out of the way and laugh as parents drug their kids away, for you knew that your time to leave was inevitable and a tantrum was likely to follow. Who can blame them though? Playing with trains, watching videos, hearing stories, coloring, stamping, bouncing, and, most importantly, riding Thomas was simply too much fun to want to leave! As evident in the pictures,  it was a great, beautiful day, sans about 3 minutes in the car as we drove away!IMG_1823_0249aug sept 09 036train familytrain grinsaug sept 09 042aug sept 09 033


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