< three months

In less than three months, our little Wesley has accomplished quite a bit! Here are some stats; so far Wesley has:

*Stuck his feet in the Gulf of Mexico while visiting the beach on our family vacation

*Survived a trip to the ER thanks to his big brother’s teeth drama

*Conquered bowling with his mom, dad, and big brother



*Learned to sleep soundly through the night, minus an occasional “paci-pop” to help him resume snoozing
*Donned adorable outfits, especially when attending church
*Spent quality time with lots of family, including his 98 year old great-grandpapaw paw n wes
*Taken a dive off of his parents’ bed. Long story short, the boy can scoot quite well across a comforter. He’s fine. And don’t judge……I’m sure your kid has done something similar…….right???? Please say yes so I do not feel as bad.  (This is not the day of the dive, but this is similar to how he was when he manged to wiggle off. He literally scooted all the way across the bed, even after his head was pointed toward the head board to prevent such matters. One “off” scoot throws his whole path off kilter, making it no longer a straight journey, thus allowing for such results.)wes sleep
*Rocked out to artists like Cari Underwood and Hank Willimas, Jr., to name a few, at a free outdoor concert
*Relaxed next to the pool while enjoying time with friends and family at various locations
*Soaked up sights and sounds of the county fair

*Developed some entertaining expressions, some of which have been fondly mocked pout facewes faceface w john
*Been smothered with love from his big brother on a daily baisis

Not a bad resume, eh?
We are so happy to have this little man in our lives, and we have to remind ourselves that he is not even 3 months old yet. It feels like he is so much older, an appendage to our family for much longer. One thing for sure, we are totally in love with this little guy!
wes eyes


6 thoughts on “< three months

  1. Don’t feel bad about the bed thing…Owen’s done it more than once! So glad to read that Wesley has been such a happy addition to your family. He’s adorable!

  2. I will say yes to the fact of the falling off the bed. They are too quick! I’ll also add a yes to the falling out of a chair onto concrete while secure in his high chair and hitting his head on concrete. I’m not for sure I can handle boys!

  3. ack on the falling off the bed. i used to sleep with lila on top of me on the couch…DUDE she didn’t fall – I DROPPED HER onto the ground Twice from the couch!!!! and she turned out okay. tyler was dumped by his sissy out the TOP of the carseat onto his head/neck at a bad bad angle on a hardwood floor!! (i sat him in it and went into the kitchen for something) bet i don’ do that again…

    btw if you are interested in trying cloth diapers there is a blog where they are giving away all sorts of cloth diapering stuff…

    i wrote about it here: http://crazycouponcarol.blogspot.com/2009/09/cloth-diapering-is-frugal.html

    i know daniel is almost potty trained but wee wesley may enjoy some cloth butt covers :) hehe :) he’s so cute!!!

  4. by the way – john TOTALLY looks like my cousin Kent in that picture there – Every time I see it i’m like “What is Kent doing holding Wesley?” then i realize it’s your brother hah!
    ask brandy!

  5. Hard to believe he’s almost 3 months old! Glad everyone is adjusting well! Falling off the bed is just the start of head bumps. Thank goodness they are so sturdy :)

  6. Someone, after reading this, told me about what his mother did to his sister during the cloth diapering days. She, by total accident, actually safety pinned her baby! Not only did she get it through the skin, she even closed the pin shut before she realized what happened. He, after telling me the story, made me feel better! My hip hurt though for his poor sister!

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