I ♥ Faces- Nostalgia

fair 08Ah, the days when someone would lift you up so you could see! I’m still short enough to need this service but too big to receive it. I do not remember my dad doing this for me, since he passed away when I was so young, but I know that he did. I can recall, however, my oldest brother, Damien, lifting me up many, many times so that I could see the event that was happening. This photo, besides being so precious and full of love, makes me nostalgic, so I think it fits the theme of the week. It was taken almost exactly one year ago at our county fair while watching pigs race. That’s right, we watched pigs race…..and goats too…..and we did it again this year :O).

We have photo shop elements, but that right there is where my skill with it ends. Why does it have to be so stinkin’ confusing….or is it just me? So, I do not edit a photo outside of cropping. Sometimes I can remember how to find the “convert to black and white” option. So many of the others posted are fabulous, and Photo Shopped, which helps some of them to be even better (just click on the button tagged with the site name below to see them). I love the things that the software can do, but really what is the point if you can’t do any of it?  Geeze. Guess I should learn, huh?


7 thoughts on “I ♥ Faces- Nostalgia

  1. I remember standing on my tippy-toes trying to peek over the really high counter at the bank…it always makes me smile a bit when I see my kids doing the same thing now. :) What a great post…it brought back wonderful memories!

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

    • Oh I use to do the same thing at the pall park concession stand! My mom use to send me out with my dime to buy a lollipop. I would be gone forever and she would wonder what was taking so long. Turns out, I would still be standing there, waiting for them to notice me. I certainly could have used someone to pick me up on those days!

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