Teeth Update- A.K.A. “Our Snaggletooth”

I have had lots of folks checking in on Daniel’s situation since his accident. It is hard to believe what an emotional mess  we were walking through just one month ago. Four weeks later, however, the kiddo isn’t even phased and  has adjusted to his new normal–a big gap in the front of his mouth. He has eaten everything he wanted since his fall (after the initial recovery), including biting into some things that he probally shouldn’t have. Ai the follow-up appointment with the oral surgeon’s office, they all said he healed nicely despite the nasty fall. As far as the empty space, we are to “keep our eyes on it,” making sure his permanent teeth do not come in with issues that require surgeries, which might be likely due to the baby teeth loss being from trauma rather than natural progression. Since we do not really know what to look for, we will leave it to the professionals by taking him to a pediatric dentist regularly for simple cleanings, which will help catch any issues that may arise. If some complication is noted, Daniel would be assessed to receive “baby dentures”  or space retainers for a few years. Some kids have made comments, one while on vacation and another while at the park. They seem to know he is near their age yet he has missing teeth. Both little boys said something to their moms which prompted their moms to say “He must have had an accident,” for it is obvious that he is too little to have lost them naturally. Daniel, however, could have cared less, and when one boy tried to get him to laugh so he could see the gaps even more, Daniel obliged. For now, he is just simply our cute little snaggletooth boy, and because the dentists told us teeth lost due to an accident tend to reveal the permanent tooth much later than normal, he may be this way for up to another 5 years, so we might as well get use to it!



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