Vacation=A Good Idea

When Thomas’s new job start got delayed, I had a good idea come to mind. Now, this was truly a good idea, not like the one year at Christmas with Thomas’s family when I tagged all the gifts “With Love From STD” instead of writing Summer, Thomas, and Daniel. It never occurred to me–STD–was not such a loving sentiment.

My good idea was to take Thomas’s impromptu week vacation and truly make it one by going to the beach. So, on a vacay 09_0113Friday afternoon, we sat down next to our computer with a map. Together we looked at cities that offered beach access and typed them into Map Quest to see which offered the shortest drive. Turns out, Gulf Shores, AL proved our quickest beach location with a 7 hours drive. With a little searching, we discovered a condo on the beach that had the days we needed open, so we called and confirmed it as ours. Just a few days later on that following Tuesday, we loaded up the boys and headed south.

Thankfully, our vay-cay commute went pretty smoothly both ways, minus one stop in each direction that were not too enjoyable. One stop held the joys of Daddy cleaning up puke from the toddler (looks like poor Daniel gets car sick like his Mommy) while Mommy nursed the infant (Mommy finallygets the good end of the deal!). On the way home, we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat, which we now affectionately refer to as the Chick-fil-@ from Hades. Aside from those two blips, the kiddos did well, both sleeping at one point for a 3 1/2 hour stretch each way! We passed time while driving by laughing at Daniel as he repeated how excited he was about the beach, how he loved the beach, and how he wanted to see the beach, all of which did not sound like the word beach. You can use your imagination at what word he seemed to be uttering. ;O)

wesley beach sleepWhile there, we did as expected–went to the beach, played in the sand, and splashed in the waves. Wesley cooperated quite nicely by sleeping under his make-shift tent and bouncer. Daniel bossed Thomas around and had him get buckets of water from the ocean for their sand castles. I remained simply giddy, for the beach is one of my favorite places and I was able to get one of those classic beach pictures of our family wearing all white, thanks to Thomas.  He set up the shot on his tri-pod, hit the timer, and then ran into the photo. Daniel actually smiled and sat agreeably for 2 attempts, and Wesley happened to be awake. Who could ask for more? All in all, it was a wonderful time, and we still can’t believe we had enough moxie to take a 6 week old to the beach!

vacay 09_0120

beach fam


vacay 09_0139


4 thoughts on “Vacation=A Good Idea

  1. Great pictures Summer! I am glad you guys had a good time. We are looking at going to the beach at the end of the month. I actually wouldn’t mind finding out from you where you stayed/price, etc.. if you don’t mind telling! :) If you do… then just act like this comment never happened! :) We still arent decided yet where we are going! I love the all white pic… priceless!!

    • We found ours through It was really helpful because you can search via availablity, which was important for us since we were taking a very last minute trip. They owner was very nice, just a country boy who randomly owned a condo. We delt directly with him, which was great, so we were able to negotiate our price even more since it was 3 days before our arrival and he still had a vacancy, so we ended up with a super deal. I know almost all the condos have one down in price since it is now considered “fall rates.” I think Carver would love the beach. You guys should totally do it!

  2. Enjoy those easy smiles! They disappear at 14! I loved your pictures! Thank goodness mine never got car sick! EWE!

    Let me know if my blogsite allows you to click to mine:) It looks blue now. If not, I’ll have to contact wordpress:)

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