I ♥ Faces- Nostalgia

fair 08Ah, the days when someone would lift you up so you could see! I’m still short enough to need this service but too big to receive it. I do not remember my dad doing this for me, since he passed away when I was so young, but I know that he did. I can recall, however, my oldest brother, Damien, lifting me up many, many times so that I could see the event that was happening. This photo, besides being so precious and full of love, makes me nostalgic, so I think it fits the theme of the week. It was taken almost exactly one year ago at our county fair while watching pigs race. That’s right, we watched pigs race…..and goats too…..and we did it again this year :O).

We have photo shop elements, but that right there is where my skill with it ends. Why does it have to be so stinkin’ confusing….or is it just me? So, I do not edit a photo outside of cropping. Sometimes I can remember how to find the “convert to black and white” option. So many of the others posted are fabulous, and Photo Shopped, which helps some of them to be even better (just click on the button tagged with the site name below to see them). I love the things that the software can do, but really what is the point if you can’t do any of it?  Geeze. Guess I should learn, huh?


Sprinkler Fun

Since our visit to the beach, Daniel has asked often  if we are going to the beach. I’ve made him repeat to me the phrase “The beach is far away,” but that does not seem to register with him. Each time we get into the car, he asks again if we are going to the beach. When I reply no, he asks if he is going swimming. Anyway, I figured the boy needed some water, so I let him play in his sprinkler, which appeared to be a good idea…..

sprinkler run

sprinkler water taste

All was well until I sprayed him with the sprinkler and got him wet. That’s right, I got him wet while he was playing in water and he got so mad that he went and sat down on the driveway to pout!

pout 1

But the picture is oh so precious.

And, to be totally honest, I think he looks like me here ;o)

I ♥ Faces–A First



easter march 2008 031

I am not really a photographer; I leave that to the hubby. I am, however, a person that loves to take pictures, even though I do not know what I am doing. With a nice camera though, you can get a decent shot even in your ignorance, for even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. That said, I thought I would join in on the I ♥ Faces blog (click the button above the photo to view the site and the other entries). I have never done this before, but it seems like loads of fun, and I think some of you out there that do not know about the site might like to join in too (here’s looking at you, Kelley). So, here it is, my first (and maybe my last, who knows) entry for “Funny, Silly Faces”

“On Task”


I remember the first year I had my own classroom. I had been a student teacher previously, and being that the classroom was actually officially under the authority of another, I retained the luxury to pass blame to the “real teacher” if things were ever not up to par. She, after all, had been setting the precedent of behavior long before I appeared. However, when I had MY classroom, I was the one–the only one–to praise for successes or to blame for failures. Being that my first teaching gig was at a high school when I was fresh out of college, I was not much older than those I claimed authority over. Yet, if you know me, you know I am spunky enough to make up for that small age gap, not to mention my small size and youthful looks. Although confident DSCN0630in my abilities, I always felt I had much to prove, especially to those responsible for hiring me back the next year! I was certainly up to the challenge though.

At my first school, I had the privilege of sharing a thin partitioned wall with one of the school’s most revered employees, Coach H, that knew his history curriculum like the back of his hand and could control his Seniors with ease. I always feared that a moment of unruliness in my world would pervade into his serene environment, prompting him to tell someone that the novice next door was useless. Fortunately, that never happened. If maintaining the peace to keep Coach H happy wasn’t enough,  I also had to be on my toes for unexpected visits from the principals.

If you’ve never taught before, you’ve at least been a student, so you can realte on the feeling of uneasiness that came when the man or woman in charge of your school stepped into your classroom or stood next to your desk. You most certainly wanted to be “on task,” doing what your teacher requested. As a teacher, you not only have to worry about having yourself on task, you must hope and pray that all 30 students are following suit. If someone of importance glanced into your classroom, your hope is that you are on your feet, teaching the most intriguing lesson on the most entertaining topic to the most enthuastic students who have the most relevant questions that are followed by the most elequant repsonses from you. That is your hope. The reality that you will settle for? Everyone setting in his or her seat with no one throwing paperwads across the room. Good enough.

No matter what though, it was a desire of mine not just to do my job but to do my job well, in such a way that made my superiors say, “She’s good; we want her back next year!”  So, these aforementioned thoughts came back when I read this verse recently:

“And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming.” 1 John 2:28

I can emotionally and mentally recall seeking to portray my best, to give my a-game, to be on task, and to ultimately impress when it came to my professional employment. I always wanted to be pleasing to my principal/boss, unashamed at how I was handling my job. Outside of the classroom, when I am “off the clock,” that sense of urgency to be doing well did not always exist on the same level. Not that I was doing bad, I just was not as conscious of each move, for who is really checking in on my game called life? After reading 1 John 2:28, however, I realize that the same emotions of wanting to always be caught in a good moment should exist. I am, after all, continually being watched by my Savior, and I most certainly want to be unashamed of how I am performing once He reappears. I want to be speaking kindly to my toddler rather than yelling, have my home clean rather than cluttered, loving my husband rather than nagging, spending wisely rather than wasting. When the clouds roll away and Jesus returns, I want a confidence concerning my life, unashamed of how I am carrying out the tasks He has given me.

Boy do I have a lot of work to do :o).

Who’s with me?

Teeth Update- A.K.A. “Our Snaggletooth”

I have had lots of folks checking in on Daniel’s situation since his accident. It is hard to believe what an emotional mess  we were walking through just one month ago. Four weeks later, however, the kiddo isn’t even phased and  has adjusted to his new normal–a big gap in the front of his mouth. He has eaten everything he wanted since his fall (after the initial recovery), including biting into some things that he probally shouldn’t have. Ai the follow-up appointment with the oral surgeon’s office, they all said he healed nicely despite the nasty fall. As far as the empty space, we are to “keep our eyes on it,” making sure his permanent teeth do not come in with issues that require surgeries, which might be likely due to the baby teeth loss being from trauma rather than natural progression. Since we do not really know what to look for, we will leave it to the professionals by taking him to a pediatric dentist regularly for simple cleanings, which will help catch any issues that may arise. If some complication is noted, Daniel would be assessed to receive “baby dentures”  or space retainers for a few years. Some kids have made comments, one while on vacation and another while at the park. They seem to know he is near their age yet he has missing teeth. Both little boys said something to their moms which prompted their moms to say “He must have had an accident,” for it is obvious that he is too little to have lost them naturally. Daniel, however, could have cared less, and when one boy tried to get him to laugh so he could see the gaps even more, Daniel obliged. For now, he is just simply our cute little snaggletooth boy, and because the dentists told us teeth lost due to an accident tend to reveal the permanent tooth much later than normal, he may be this way for up to another 5 years, so we might as well get use to it!


Vacation=A Good Idea

When Thomas’s new job start got delayed, I had a good idea come to mind. Now, this was truly a good idea, not like the one year at Christmas with Thomas’s family when I tagged all the gifts “With Love From STD” instead of writing Summer, Thomas, and Daniel. It never occurred to me–STD–was not such a loving sentiment.

My good idea was to take Thomas’s impromptu week vacation and truly make it one by going to the beach. So, on a vacay 09_0113Friday afternoon, we sat down next to our computer with a map. Together we looked at cities that offered beach access and typed them into Map Quest to see which offered the shortest drive. Turns out, Gulf Shores, AL proved our quickest beach location with a 7 hours drive. With a little searching, we discovered a condo on the beach that had the days we needed open, so we called and confirmed it as ours. Just a few days later on that following Tuesday, we loaded up the boys and headed south.

Thankfully, our vay-cay commute went pretty smoothly both ways, minus one stop in each direction that were not too enjoyable. One stop held the joys of Daddy cleaning up puke from the toddler (looks like poor Daniel gets car sick like his Mommy) while Mommy nursed the infant (Mommy finallygets the good end of the deal!). On the way home, we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat, which we now affectionately refer to as the Chick-fil-@ from Hades. Aside from those two blips, the kiddos did well, both sleeping at one point for a 3 1/2 hour stretch each way! We passed time while driving by laughing at Daniel as he repeated how excited he was about the beach, how he loved the beach, and how he wanted to see the beach, all of which did not sound like the word beach. You can use your imagination at what word he seemed to be uttering. ;O)

wesley beach sleepWhile there, we did as expected–went to the beach, played in the sand, and splashed in the waves. Wesley cooperated quite nicely by sleeping under his make-shift tent and bouncer. Daniel bossed Thomas around and had him get buckets of water from the ocean for their sand castles. I remained simply giddy, for the beach is one of my favorite places and I was able to get one of those classic beach pictures of our family wearing all white, thanks to Thomas.  He set up the shot on his tri-pod, hit the timer, and then ran into the photo. Daniel actually smiled and sat agreeably for 2 attempts, and Wesley happened to be awake. Who could ask for more? All in all, it was a wonderful time, and we still can’t believe we had enough moxie to take a 6 week old to the beach!

vacay 09_0120

beach fam


vacay 09_0139