Kids’ Camp (And Carver, of Course!)

Last week Daniel went to a day camp for kids which was sponsored by the churches in our community and held at our church. I was excited about him going, not just for a little break during the day, but because I knew he was going to have a blast. Even though he and I can have fun at home, or even on outings, our fun just does not stack well against petting zoos, field day, water games, and other such adventures. Each day after I picked him up, I would ask Daniel what he did that day. He would daily tell me what he ate for lunch, which was a fact I already knew because I had made it for him. Every day he would tell me he did “not go night-night,” which was also something I could tell because he began yawning the moment he got into the car. Depending on the day, I would hear a little bit on what he specifically did: “I play wiff toys.” “I see a tractor.” “I play on slide.” “Daniel have fun!” And, every day, Daniel told me that he played with Carver, which made my heart happy, for Carver is the son of my old youth minister and his wife, but now I just like to call them dear friends. Michael and Kelley are very special to me, and knowing that our little boys are very close in age and enjoy one another’s company is wonderful. Every now and then we get them together for playdates, but when they cross paths at church, they are usually very glad to see one another. Being that I did not attend the camp myself, I just had to take Daniel’s word for what fun he had. However, when one of the workers put pictures up on FB of the kids at camp, I was able to see a glimpse into what he really did. Turns out, from the pictures, he surely did play with Carver and he certainly had lots of fun. Aren’t they just the cutest?


4 thoughts on “Kids’ Camp (And Carver, of Course!)

  1. How sweet Summer! Well… you know you are very special to us as well… always have been! I havent seen you to tell you this yet but the last day of camp, I asked Carver if he got in trouble today and he said “no… daniel did”. I can’t remember what he said daniel did (he probably made it up anyway) but I thought it was cute that he was telling on daniel… probably in an attempt to hide what trouble he had gotten into himself! I too love the fact that our boys love each other and enjoy playing together!

  2. They, strangely, look a lot alike in this picture…maybe it’s because they are both making the same face!? Either way, they are both adorable and precious to me as well!

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