An Uncanny Resemblance

Thomas’s dad is affectionately called “Grandpa Tom” by his grandkids. When Wesley was born, Grandpa Tom and Nana came for a visit to help out for a bit. It was at this point Daniel got tons of one-on-one time with his grandpa as they played with trains and cars. Daniel, in all his fun, simply decided to shorten all that he had to say when talking to his grandpa, and he just began saying “TOM!” when he had something to share. The next day, Daniel had me read him a Veggie Tales book at nap time. Upon choosing his book, Daniel became very giddy and began yelling “TOM!  TOM!” pa grape grandpa tomPretty accurate, you think?

And for another look alike, I give you our very own little Wesley, who will be auditioning for a starring role next to Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men:june wesley 067grumpyAn uncanny resemblance, for sure.

Anyway, I just thought these were funny connections worth sharing. Hope it made you smile too.


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