Getting to Know You

With the new addition to the house, we have been enjoying a “getting to know you” phase. Turns out, Wesley is a great baby, and there are a few things we’ve already learned about our little one:

  1. He does, of course, wake up at night, but that is absolutely expected at this stage in the game. Fortunately, the billi blanketwaking is minimal, and he swiftly nurses before heading back to sleep. This makes mommy (and daddy for that matter) very happy. He is not as loud of a sleeper as his brother was as an infant, but I some how forgot to mention in my previous complaining that Daniel was extremely jaundice and had to spend his first few days/weeks of life in a bili-blanket to help alleviate his issues. This made him light up a room with a blue glow, not to mention the constant vacuum hum that he emitted. All that said, it is understandable why Wesley is “quiet” in comparison. (see pic above—-that is Daniel and his jaundice biliruben blanket, just to give you an idea of what I am taking about.)
  2. Wesley LoVeS the pacifier, so much so, he was given one in the hospital!!! I was very nervous about giving him one too early in life, due to all the different theories on how pacifiers may/may not interfere with a baby’s breastfeeding habits. I did not even have one in our bags, so the nursery gave us one of the free ones to help soothe him. As the nurses kept saying in the nursery, “Some babies just like to suck.” It has not had a negative impact on his feeding, so I guess all is well. If the paci does fall out of his mouth when he wants to have it in, you will quickly begin to hear his reaction. It is like you are next to a fish outside of water, flipping and wiggling, gasping and opening its mouth in search of what it needs to survive. That is Wesley.
  3. Mommy’s voice is comforting. Don’t you mommies out there just love this fact?! All you have to do is talk from across the room and the kiddo suddenly feels secure. Just today, Thomas and I were out and about with the kids in the car. I went into a store quickly, and Thomas said Wesley began to fuss. Once I got in the car and talked, he chilled out completely.
  4. Tummy time is sleepy time. I know you are not suppose to let babies sleep on their stomachs, for the current trend is “back to sleep,” but you are suppose to put infants on their stomach a little every day so that they can work on neck strength. Well, for Wesley, this means time to catch some zzzs, for he is not interested in fighting the position and gaining neck strength; he wants to rest. I’ve let his fall asleep that way while I sat next to him, but then I flip him over onto his back so he can finish out his rest.

There are obviously many more things that I will get to know about this little guy as each day passes and he truly begins to show us his personality. I am learning, too, many things about Daniel and motherhood as this new journey of 2 kiddos unfolds. I guess, however,  I will save those for another post, being that I will need to be heading to bed very soon. Until I manage to make more time to blog (usually blog during Daniel’s nap time, but now nap time for Daniel is nap time for mommy too!), enjoy a few more photos:

tummywesley cutie facewesley swim


7 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. I used to let Jenna take naps all the time on her belly – she slept so good that way! Of course at night or when I wasn’t keeping an eye on her she was always on her back. It’s so awesome that things have been going well for you and the new addition. We can’t wait to see him again!

  2. Kuddos to Wesley for being such a good little fella! He’s just too darn cute! How long is little guy? He looks mighty tall!

  3. Hey Sum… I asked Michael about the camp and he said he didn’t think it was the same one. He thought Andrea’s uncle ran one in Georgia or something!?!? This one was in Adams… right outside of Clarksville!

  4. Don’t worry about that whole tummy sleeping thing. Lucy would only sleep on her tummy. I gave up and just let her do it :)
    You are such a great mom!

  5. Have fun with the passie – they gave Zoe one in the hospital also, and she still needs it to go to sleep at night (at just over 2.5 yrs old). My plan is to try and say “goodbye” to the passie by 3.

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