When we found out baby #2 was going to be a boy, Thomas walked around for a few days saying the phrase “Daniel is going to have a brother.” I was like “Ummm. Yeah. That is what having 2 boys means.” But to Thomas, the thought of a brother for Daniel was much more, for he came from a family of 2 sisters. I too came from a family with 2 siblings of the opposite gender, and although we both love our siblings very much, there is  something special about the bond between a same sex sibling that neither of us had the privilege of experiencing. Daniel and Wesley, however, will know that special love, and the thought of those emotions was exactly what made Thomas in a sort of jealous awe of our boys–brothers–my boys!!my boys 2

and yes, I do know one day they will fight like brothers do, but let me enjoy these precious moments now, while they are still too young to throw punches ;O)


4 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. The bond between brothers is amazingly beautiful, powerful in a stinky, sweaty, I’m-going-to-hit you because I love you, curiously loyal way. It’s all snuggly and warm when they’re young. When they’re teenagers together, it’s a bond that won’t be broken! Congratulations!

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