Welcome Wesley!

After watching a “due date” come and go and thinking our little man had taken up permanent residence, Wesley decided to enter the world without further delay. Upon driving through a monsoon, we arrived at the hospital just after midnight with contractions just under 3 minutes apart, broken water, and according to the doctor at my appointment that day, dilated to at least 4. We were mistaken for a scheduled midnight induction, so we were kindly asked to wait. While Thomas attempted to prevent his blood from boiling, I could do nothing more than laugh. When finally given attention from the staff, they asked me to sign some papers and finally realized I was in labor. Despite other random events……power outages/system checks that knocked out every light and each monitor in the delivery room, an on-call doctor that thought walking to another building to get paper work instead of coming to catch my baby was a good idea…….Wesley entered our family without complication, full of sweetness, and quite nourished at 8 pounds 10.5 ounces, 21 inches long! Welcome Wesley!

wesley birth b-w

mom n wesley06 11 09_0227wesley burpparent of pirate

daniel sees wesley

Daniel came the day of Wesley’s birth to visit at the hospital. He cautiously peered into the container that held his little brother. When we asked if he wanted to see the baby more closely, he excitedly said “yes!”

06 12 09_0349

06 12 09_0292_edited-1

We’re so happy to be a family of 4. Thanks for all your love and prayers; please let it continue as we grow into our new size.


10 thoughts on “Welcome Wesley!

  1. This is sweet to tears! You have a lovely family. There is nothing to compare to a new baby, and he is lucky to have you for a mom! I don’t know the dad, but I’m sure you picked a good one!

  2. Congratulations on a safe and healthy delivery. Luv Thomas’s black shirt, by the way! Is it a fair assessment that Wesley may have his dad’s nose and his mom’s eyes? Whomever his features favor, he’s certainly beautiful–downright perfect!

  3. Snuggly! Cuddly! We have the same picture,but different characters! LOL You look marvelous! Your boys are so precious! God’s blessings have indeed shined on you!

  4. Wesley is beautiful! I believe he looks like Thomas in the pictures. You look great and don’t even look like you had a baby in the picture. I bet Daniel is a great big brother. Hope to see yall soon. Love yall.

  5. Congratulations Summer! We were putting mulch in the landscaping when we got the news! We were both so very happy for you guys! Wesley is beautiful and very much looks like his daddy! Love ya!

  6. Wesley is absolutely beautiful, or as Brayden would have me say, no gramma, he’s handsome.:-}
    After leaving your house last night, I was reminded of our own boys at that young age. Cherish every moment. They pass so quickly. We love you guys. :-}

  7. I’ve been waiting for the news, thank goodness he’s here! He is so sweet and precious. I hope you are feeling well and would like to talk to you soon. Lot’s of love to you guys.

  8. Congratulations Summer and Thomas on the new addition of your family. Wow, 8-10.5 & 21, he is a healthy size. That is great!!! Glad to hear he is healthy and everything went so smoooooth with the events leading up to his arrival. Looks like Daniel will be a big help with his baby brother. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

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