I’m proud to say it: Daniel is a bookworm! He loves to look at his books, and he will ponder each page and picture meticulously, turning to the next only when he is fully ready (I’ve told about this guy’s book reading before). Currently his favorites are the Veggie books that I bought him for 50 cents at a yard sale. We’ve been reading those basically non-stop for a week, until yesterday, when Daniel got a new book in the mail.

Typically a book in the mail means our newest Imagination Library book has arrived (be warned…..a train chugs onto the screen when you click on that link, and it can be loud). This is an amazing program for kids, for it is completely free to you as a parent. All you have to do is sign them up, assuming that the service is offered in your area. The TN musician, Dolly Parton, is the creator of this program, and it is her desire is to promote literacy by getting books in the hands of kids from birth to 5 years—all for free! Alas, this book from yesterday was not one of her books. Instead, it was a book from the book exchange in which our friend Dana asked us to participate. Knowing that the timing of this would coincide nicely with Wesley’s arrival, I put an age appropriate book in the mail for the first kiddo on the list, made the needed number of copies, moved Dana’s son, Owen, to the top, placed Daniel’s name at the bottom, and sent the directional letter out to a few friends.

In all honesty, I had forgotten about expecting any books to come our way, and you never really know how well things like this might turn out, for if a few people do not participate, it sorta fizzles out and away.

So, what book did he get? go dog go

Go, Dog Go!, which is a book we did not have! Turns out, it was also one of his daddy’s childhood favorites. We could not tell what book Daniel had gotten, for it was in an envelope, not a clear plastic sleeve as Dolly’s books are. Daniel scrunched up next to me as I ripped it open for him, and then he clapped and cheered once it was out. Immediately, we began to read it…..at Daniel’s pace……which meant very slowly, for each and every picture had to be thoroughly inspected and evaluated. reading go dogAnd if you got a letter from me to play along and you are reading this, I hope you were able to get yours in the mail, especially since I know your kid(s) will love getting the book. We should receive more, but I forgot how many are actually suppose to make their way to our mailbox. I am simply pleased with getting at least one for my little bookworm.

p.s.- Daniel is not completely naked, despite what the pictures tends to reveal. He is just practicing being a man’s man, sporting only his .Thomas. the .Train. undies!


2 thoughts on “~~~Bookworm~~~

  1. Do you like my hat? Go Dog Go was my fav. when I was little. Look for “Ten in the Bed.” That is a super fantastic book, especially at bedtime. You can sing the song to it, too, but the illustration is awesome. Congrats. on that baby!

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