Sleeping Beauty

I am a very finicky sleeper, just ask Thomas. The TV can not be on, no clocks can be ticking, no light can be in the room (which is why I almost always sleep with a Bucky Sleep Mask on), no other random things (e.g.-a ceiling fan slightly off its course) can be making noises, and no one can snore. Once I get to sleep, these things are not as much of an issue, but when falling asleep, they are of high concern.

In fact, this is so true for me that Daniel spent very little time in our room when he was first born, for even though babies are tiny, they pack a mighty punch when it comes to making random noises. He was also sleeping in an heirloom bassinet that squeaked each and every time he twisted or turned. This most likely puts me in the running for “Mom who Kicked Her Kiddo Out at the Youngest Age” award. In fact, he actually stayed a few days longer than I really wanted due to the fact my in-laws were coming to visit and help us with the new little life and I did not want to walk across the house in my pajamas to nurse while my father-in-law slept on the couch. Once they left, however, so did Daniel to his own little crib on the other side of the house. And even though I know this sounds a little awful, it was all out of love, for each extra second of sleep and rest that I got made me a better mommy; trust me.

Now that we have a different house, Wesley’s bedroom will be on the second floor, not just across the living room, and I  do not imagine wanting to haul myself up those at all hours of the night, so I am guessing Wesley will stay a little longer……maybe……but I do have a plan if I am at wit’s end: I’m going to treat him like Harry Potter and put him under the stairs in his bassinet. The under stairs portion is not far, just  about 6-8 steps from my side of the bed. Don’t worry though. There is no water heater or anything dangerous under there. It is completely clean and fresh, holding our DVDs, so it is totally acceptable.

So, this morning, I woke up to use the restroom, and I thought I heard some extra sounds in our bedroom. Turns out, Daniel was in there, snoozing away on the floor next to Thomas’s side of the bed where we throw all the useless pretty pillows from off our bed when we are ready for sleep. It was 5AM, and my two boys were snoring away in bliss. I fell back to sleep off and on for another hour or so, but decided I was ready to get up anyway, so I got up and snapped a photo of Daniel sleeping: june 09. 003Even though he keeps dry almost every single day during the day, he is not yet able to stay dry through the night, so he sleeps in a “helper” as we call them- a.k.a : a pull-up. I figured he had peed through, thus explaining why he journeyed into our room to sleep. When I got to his room, I realized my suspicions were correct. At least he let us keep sleeping, albeit at his own expense of having to be in slightly wet shorts. Even in such a random location, he is still a sleeping beauty to me. Or insert something more masculine there, like handsome. Regardless, he’s precious!


11 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. I thought the same thing – he looks so big!

    This pic reminds me of CJ always asking to sleep on the floor. CJ’s 14 years old and still loves to sleep on the floor. In our process of moving with no furniture, he got his wish even though other parents thought we made him lol.

  2. That is sweet! And you totally sound like me when I go to sleep. I always get so mad if I can hear a tv two rooms away with both of the doors shut. Any noise wrecks havoc on my ability to go to sleep.

  3. We have blankets and extra pillows for when the little guys end up in our room. A great solution for noise issues – a galazy fan! You’ll sleep like a baby! No baby yet, huh?!

    • Is a galazy fan like a sound machine? I hate sound machines. :o)

      No baby yet……taking his time, I guess!

  4. Oh, precious pic! And I think you hit the nail on the head…getting proper rest puts you in the running for “Mom of the Year”…fo sho! And some parents don’t share rooms w/ their babies at all, just start them out in the crib from the day they arrive home…so I’d say you’re doin’ great with the noise/sleep management part of parenting! I hope Wesley is a great sleeper for you!

  5. Adorable! And, I agree, sleep is important…you are NOT a bad mother. Jackson did okay in our bassinet, I am used to noise because of Joel’s apnea machine, but Jacey grunted and wiggled all night. She was in her crib WAY before Jackson ever was. This in no way affects mothering abilities.
    Oh, and I think we have the same bed set as you….at least, those pillow cases look familiar!

  6. You didn’t kick him out early – both Rachel & Zoe slept their first night at home in their own bedrooms, in their crib. Michell and I always felt that there was something precious, something important and to be protected about the “marriage bed”, so while the kids could come in our bedroom, they could only do so when invited by us.

    Despite the fact that it is no longer a “marriage bed” now that Michell has passed away, I still mostly hold to the fact that my kids only come into my room when invited.

    And trust me, sleep is important. Rachel already knows how to finish for me – “Zoe kept daddy awake last night, so daddy is tired,” I say. “So daddy is grumpy,” Rachel finishes. As I posted recently, tired dad is not such a bad dad, but he’s still not the best dad I can be. I’m sure the same is true for moms.

  7. I’m a high matinence sleeper too!!! Jeff can close his eyes anywhere and be in dreamland- it makes me so jealous! I’m going to have to check out that sleep mask- Jeff got me a Sleepmate white noise machine a few months ago- it is quite possibly my fav gift from him thus far! :)
    Love you three and can’t wait to meet little Wesley!

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