A Monogramed Memento

05 22 09_0219

When going through all of Daniel’s baby items, I began to realize he had more monogrammed items than I ever really remembered him having. He was gifted some super cute burp cloths, a cuddly, and a blanket that all proudly displayed his name. I tucked those items back into storage as his little keepsakes, for with just a few items out of our stash, we still had plenty to supply Wesley with. The more I thought about it, however, I began to think how Wesley did not have anything with his name on it. So, when our friends, The Andersons, blessed us with this super soft doggie cuddly for Wesley (sans his name), it appeared to be a perfect item to have monogrammed. I do not currently know anyone that has a monogramming machine, so I just found a local store that could equip the gift with my little boy’s name. I am pleased and especially glad to know Wesley has a special item to call his own, complete with a marker/designation that should tell his big brother to stay away! Now, I just have to wait for him to get here to use it!


2 thoughts on “A Monogramed Memento

  1. I hope the wait isn’t getting to be too much! I anxiously check your blog each day, waiting for news of Wesley’s birth. We’re keeping you in our prayers and look forward to seeing pictures of your little man when he does decide to join you.

  2. Soon? Have you started the energetic, cleaning frenzy? I have a box of all my little guys snuggly baby clothes! I miss the little baby that fit in them! Sigh! I’m excited for you!

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